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Tyrese Robert Ruffin’s Biography, Parents, and Death

Tyrese Robert Ruffin was the son of NFL star Adrian Lewis Peterson. Despite being a celebrity kid, his father only found that Tyrese was his son two months before his death. Before that, Tyrese Robert Ruffin lived with his mother, Ashley Dooshen. Unfortunately, Tyrese Ruffin was murdered at age two by his mother’s then-boyfriend, who ended up being charged with second-degree murder and put behind bars. Even though Tyrese Robert Ruffin died in 2013, it’s worth knowing more about him and his family.

Biography of Tyrese Robert Ruffin

Tyrese Robert Ruffin was born in 2011, but his name hit the headlines after it was discovered that he was the son of Adrian Lewis Peterson, an American football player who was once ranked among the best NFL running backs of his time.

However, Adrian Lewis Peterson only discovered that Tyrese was his son two months before his death. Peterson was in contact with Tyrese’s mother, planning on how he would meet his son, but the news about his murder broke things and tore Peterson’s heart.

The murder was hurting, considering he didn’t have time to be with his son and bond with him. Tyrese death met him in October 2013.

Tyrese Robert Ruffin’s Death

Tyrese was living with his mother, Ashley Dooshen, before his death. In June 2013, his mother met Joseph Patterson on Facebook, and their interaction shortly after saw them start dating. According to Ashley, they fell in love fast, and before they knew it, Ashley and Patterson were serious in the relationship and would often meet and interact even with Tyrese.

On October 9, 2013, Tyrese’s mother went out to work out, and she left Tyrese with her boyfriend, Joseph Patterson, who suggested that it would be a good idea for him to bond with the son. By this time, Tyrese’s mother was okay with Patterson and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Ashley bid her son and boyfriend goodbye and went to work out. Based on her interview, Ashley mentioned that her boyfriend was irritated by children crying, and they would joke about it in text. However, after her workout, she found a missed call from her boyfriend.

When she called back, she felt that her boyfriend was panicked, and she told him to call 911 for help. On reaching there, Ashley found her son on the ground, helpless. She tried to give first aid before the ambulance came and took over.

Unfortunately, her son died, and reports showed that he had head injuries that appeared to have been caused by four blows. The case concluded that Joseph Patterson was guilty of second-degree murder, and he was sentenced in September 2015.

Who is Tyrese Robert Ruffin’s Father?

NFL legend Adrian Lewis Peterson is the father of Tyrese Robert Ruffin. He is an American football running back. When he received news of being Tyrese’s father, Peterson was having his best season and arranging to meet his son. Unfortunately, he received news about his death, and this was painful to hear as he didn’t get a chance to bond and know his son.