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Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos: Background, Education, and Parents

Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos is the daughter of Alexandra Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos. Although information about her is scant, here’s what we know:


Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos was born on June 2, 2005 (currently 18 years old), to George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth. Aside from this, we have no other information about her background.



Details of her education are kept private. Given her age, she should be in the university now.

Her Mother, Alexandra Wentworth

Alexandra Wentworth is one tough cookie in the entertainment business. She is an actress, comedian, author and producer.

Wentworth is from a prominent family in Washington D.C. She is the daughter of a socialite and fashion designer, Muffie Cabot, and a journalist, Eric Wentworth. Details about her formal education are mostly kept secret, but Wentworth’s career trajectory suggests solid grounding in communication and performance.

Wentworth developed comedic chops early. In the 1990s she appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” performing guest star skits with her witty observational humor. This exposure led to acting roles in films such as “Jerry Maguire” (1996) and the cult classic “Office Space” (1999).

Wentworth remained in comedy through the 2000s. Her comedic chops also earned her recurring roles on sitcoms like “Head Over Heels” and “In Living Color.”

Wentworth also can tell a story. She created the sitcom Head Over Heels and wrote several books, including the comedic “Happily Ever After: And Other Fairy Tales for Grown Ups” (2005). This foray into writing showed her ability to turn comedic observations into prose.

In recent years Wentworth has worked on a few projects. In addition to daytime talk show hosting, she still does stand-up comedy. The social media presence of Wentworth also includes quips and relatable experiences.

Exact estimates are unavailable but many sources put Alexandra Wentworth’s net worth at around millions of dollars. In 2001 she married political commentator George Stephanopoulos. They have two daughters and are known to be socially playful.

Her career path reflects her versatility and comedic ability. Wentworth always cracks jokes whether she’s acting, writing or performing stand-up. But with her broad skillset and active social media following, Alexandra Wentworth will undoubtedly remain a big name in the entertainment business for years to come.

Her Father, George Stephanopoulos

George Robert Stephanopoulos was born on February 10, 1961 (currently 63 years old), in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States.

He is an American television host, political commentator and former Democratic advisor. Stephanopoulos is a co-anchor with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan on Good morning America and host of This Week, ABC’s Sunday Morning current events news show.

George Robert Stephanopoulos is married to Alexandra Wentworth and they have two children together; Elliott Anastasia Stephanopoulos and Harper Andrea Stephanopoulos.

Over the years, George Robert Stephanopoulos has been able to amass $40 million from is career. In terms of personal life, he lives together with his and kids.