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Everything About Janet Condra, Larry Bird’s Ex-Wife

Janet Condra is a celebrity ex-wife who became famous after divorcing the former NBA star. Janet was born in Indiana, USA, where she spent her early years and attended high school. Although she became famous early in her years, many of her details have remained miserable, making it tough to tell her parents’ names.

Janet Condra married Larry Bird for almost a year, and because of the conflicts and financial crisis, their relationship fell apart. Trusted sources show that Larry wanted shared custody of their daughter, but Janet relocated to a different place, where she raised her daughter without any support from Bird. Here are more details regarding Janet and her family!

Who is Janet Condra?

Janet Condra is a celebrity ex-wife famous for her marriage to Larry Bird. Janet and her ex-husband were childhood sweethearts, and the fact that they studied in the same high school made it easy for them to start their relationship early.

Janet and Lary were married when she was nineteen. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived. The couple had conflicts and personal differences that led to a divorce. Once the divorce happened, Janet relocated to French Lick, where she raised her by herself.

While Janet cared for her daughter, Larry focused on his career without paying any alimony or child support. Larry Bird was missed in her daughter’s life, but in later years, they reconnected and tried working on their bond.

Janet Condra’s Marriage to Larry Bird

Janet Condra and Larry Bird have had a history since their childhood. They attended the same high school and started growing their relationship from that time. While living in French Lick, Indiana, they held a simple wedding ceremony at a guesthouse where they married.

The wedding was so simple that it had no guests or witnesses. Even though the couple swore to stay faithful to each other, they started their marriage life when both were nineteen years old. After the ceremony, the newly married couple returned to Tere Haute, Indiana, where Larry Bird attended University while playing basketball.

During this time, the family faced many difficulties and personal differences that led to a divorce. They divorced in 1976, leading to Janet Condra relocating to French Lick, where she raised her daughter alone as Larry focused on his career.

Who is Janet Condra’s Daughter?

Janet Condra is a proud mother to her daughter, Corrie Bird, who was born in Indiana on August 14, 1977. At the time of her birth, her parents were divorced, and this resulted in her spending much of her time with her mother.

Although Corrie’s parents had shared custody of their child, Janet relocated to a different location, where she single-handedly raised Corrie. When Corrie was born, her father had yet to join the NBA, and he continued focusing on his career and barely met Corrie.

Janet’s daughter is married to Trent Batson and is a proud mother of two children, Violet and Sebastian Grey. Trusted sources show that Larry Bird reconnected with his daughter later in life and are mending their relationship.