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Meet Lovely Symphani Brown – Chris Brown’s Daughter

Chris Brown is easily a household name, and his large following, courtesy of his music, has made him a very famous celebrity. With millions of followers, his life is always worth checking out, and it gets more interesting when the celebrity shares news about his family, especially his beautiful daughter. Lovely Symphani Brown is Chris Brown’s celebrity daughter, and we’ve gathered every fact we found from our research and shared it in this post. Read on!

Who is Lovely Symphani Brown?

Lovely Symphani Brown was born on January 202. She is the daughter of rapper Chris Brown and model Diamond Brown. She is the first daughter of the rapper Diamond Brown. However, his father has other children.

Lovely Symphani Brown has a half-sister, Royalty Brown, and a half-brother, Aeko Catori Brown. Lovely Symphani Brown is the third child of the rapper, and fans took to Instagram to comment and congratulate him after he shared birthday posts celebrating one year of his daughter.

Notably, Chris Brown only shared that he had a third child three months after she was born. Many fans were shocked by the news, but either way, it was confirmed that Chris Brown has another child. The posts he shared showed his beautiful daughter, and despite the shock, fans could hide their sweet messages to the young girl.

News about Chris Brown’s fathering another child started as a rumor, and it was only after Chris Brown shared a picture of her daughter that everyone confirmed that it was true.


Meet Chris Brown’s Kids

Breezy is known for having children with different mothers. The latest on his list is lovely Symphani Brown, whose mother is Diamond Brown. Symphani’s mother shared pictures about her pregnancy, and it was from there that fans suspected that Breezy was the father of the unborn child, and the rumor was true.

Chris Brown’s first child is Royalty Brown. Breezy only learned he had a daughter after she was 8 months old. Her first daughter’s mother is model Nia Guzman. Royalty was born in 2014, and the child’s paternity test confirmed that Breezy was her father.

Royalty has one sister through his mother and two siblings through his father. Aeko Catori is the second child of Chris Brown. He was born on November 20, 2019. Aeko’s mother is Harris, Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. He is the only son of the rapper and has a close relationship with his father.

Who is Lovely Symphani Brown’s Parents?

As mentioned, Lovely Symphani is the daughter of Chris Brown and Diamond Brown. Her mother is a model and has been in a relationship with Chris Brown. As for Symphani’s father, he is a decorated rapper known for numerous hits.

Chris Brown is a celebrity, and his music has made him known globally. His uniqueness is how he couples music with dance, creating videos that resonate well with his fans. Any music lover definitely knows Chris Brown and might have already listened to one or more of his songs.