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All About Phoenix Sky Andersen, A.J Cook’s Miracle Baby

The birth of Phoenix Sky Anderson was one of the best news that actress A.J Cook received. Before Phoenix’s birth, the actress had been advised that she could not bear more children for unknown reasons.

Once Cook and her husband held their son in their hands in 2015, they named him Phoenix to mark the wondrous miracle they were not expecting. Phoenix is not the only child in his family, as he has an elder brother who has started acting.

Phoenix’s Siblings

Phoenix Sky is one of the celebrity children who have caught the public attention. He is not the only child of his parents because he has an elder brother, Mekhai Allan, who is six years and a half older than him.

Mekhai is into acting, as seen in Criminal Minds, where he appeared several times throughout the series. Additionally, Phoenix appeared in the series.

Mekhai has been a good elder brother and a role model to Phoenix. The duo has been spotted having fun with their parents several times, and it is evident they are living their best lives.


Who is Phoenix’s Mother?

Andrea Joy Cook, famous as A.J Cook, is a Canadian actress and the mother of Phoenix Sky. The actress was born on July 22, 1978, and she has grown into a famed actress who has shown her prowess in acting.

Cook’s childhood was filled with challenges, but that did not prevent her from achieving her life goals. In grade two, she was declared to have severe astigmatism, which caused blindness.

As a result of the condition, her childhood was accompanied by cruelty from other children, who at first thought that she was disabled because she could not read. Because she could not see the board, she lagged in academics until 2007, when she had a surgical lens implant, which corrected the impairment.

However, while Phoenix’s mother had some issues, she was talented. From age four, she was a good dancer and took Jazz, tap, and ballet classes. The classes were her light of hope, as they distracted her from reading, reciting, and other activities in which she did not participate.

When interviewed about her career, she hinted that if it was not for acting, she could have set up a dance studio to teach other interested parties. Phoenix’s mother danced until she reached sixteen when she started acting.

In 1997, Cook had her first role in a McDonald’s commercial. She continued to act since then, until she landed a role in Criminal Minds. She has acted in the series for many years, making her one of the best and most talented actresses.

Besides the series, she has held many other notable roles, which have placed her in the limelight as a talented actress.

Who is Phoenix’s Father?

Nathan Andersen is the father of Phoenix. Nathan and Cook met in a film class at Utah Valley University, and they have dated and stayed by each other for many years. Phoenix’s parents live in Los Angeles as they work on their careers.