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What is Maria Jose del Valle Prieto’s Net Worth, Career, and Family

Maria Jose de Valle Prieto is a celebrity mother who has continued to garner fans despite leading a private life. Maria was married to actor Mauricio Ochmann, and despite their relationship ending years ago, they have continued to collaborate in a way that shocked many people.

In an interview, Ochmann revealed that despite separating from Maria Jose de Valle Prieto, they share a beautiful bond that enables them to co-parent their daughter. Here are the details of Maria Jose!

Who is Maria Jose del Valle Prieto

Maria Jose came into the limelight as the wife of American-Mexican actor Mauricio Ochmann. Maria was a big part of the actor’s life, playing an important role that helped him get out of drugs and substance abuse.

Maria and Mauricio married in 2003, although the relationship lasted a few years before they called it off. When they were married, the duo welcomed a beautiful daughter, Lorenza, who brought light to their life.

Before Mauricio welcomed his daughter, he was deep into drug abuse and was not comfortable with it. The birth of Lorenza made the actor want to quit, which is why he resolved to go to rehab.

Maria Jose played a huge role in supporting her husband’s efforts in quitting drug abuse. She stayed by his side during that low moment, explaining why the actor has maintained a friendly relationship, even after they divorced.

A fun fact is that the actor maintains a close relationship with both of her baby-mamas. The actor revealed how he planned for his Christmas holiday a few years ago. He said he planned to spend time with his daughters and baby mamas under the same roof.

Despite surprising many people, the actor revealed that he was okay with it and his current girlfriend had no issues.


Maria is a mother to a beautiful daughter. She welcomed her daughter Lorenza with ex-husband Mauricio Ochmann. The celebrity ex-wife welcomed her daughter in 2004 while married to the actor.

Maria split from her husband in 2008 privately, and they have remained close in caring for their daughter.

Before the duo chose separation, they had stayed by each other’s side, Maria helping her husband deal with increased alcohol use, which was driving him nuts. Despite fighting the issue for many years, Maria called it quits and walked away for the sake of her daughter.

Years later, Mauricio visited a rehabilitation center and got control of drug use. He is a proud and dedicated father who ensures he spends time with his daughters.

Net Worth

Maria Jose has lived a quiet life away from the limelight. As a result of the privacy, it is hard to determine her net worth or career. But as for her ex-husband, he is a famous actor whose net worth is around $245 million, as mentioned by

Given that the celebrity actor has amassed substantial wealth, it is evident that Maria’s daughter lives a comfortable life.