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Genevieve Mecher: All About Jen Psaki and Gregory Mecher’s Daughter

Genevieve Mecher has gotten media attention due to her parents’ association with United States politics. The celebrity daughter was born in 2015, five years after her parents walked down the aisle.

Despite the young lady coming from a prominent family, she has lived a low-key life, keeping off the limelight. The beautiful girl is often seen attending some functions with her parents.

Genevieve is the eldest in her family and a proud sister to her young brother, Matthew Mecher. She loves spending time with her brother, although little is known about him .

Genevieve’s Parents

Gregory Mecher and Jenniffer Rene Psaki are the proud parents of Genevieve. Genevieve’s parents have served various roles in United States politics for many years, cementing their presence in the political arena.

Psaki is known for her career, which has spanned for decades. She started a political career in 2001, and since then, she has served in various positions, including as a political advisor for Joe Biden.

Genevieve’s parents’ relationship has spanned many years. They first met in 2006 during a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and started dating shortly afterward. After four years of dating, the duo walked down the aisle on May 8, 2010. Since then, they have maintained a close bond, which has resulted in two children.

Jenniffer Psaki

Jennifer Psaki is the mother of Genevieve Mecher. Jen is famous for her political career, which has seen her serve various presidents and prominent politicians in the United States government since 2001.

Jen began her career in 2001 when she worked as the campaign manager for Tom Harkins. Later, she became the deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s Presidential bid campaign in 2004.

Jen got other opportunities and was part of the team that worked with Senator Barrack Obama before he became the US president. After Obama was elected president, Jen served as deputy press secretary and deputy communication director.

Genevieve’s mother has been serving in the US government for many years, improving at it. She also served on the Biden-Harris transition team before being named the White House Press secretary for Biden’s administration.

Besides Jen’s political prowess, she has worked with Global Strategy Group in Washington, DC, where she was the Vice President and Managing Director. Further, she has worked as a CNN political commentator.

Gregory Mecher

Gregory has had a successful career in politics, like his wife. Gregory is known to have served as the chief of staff to Steve Driehaus and Joe Kennedy.

What is Genevieve’s Net Worth?

Some sources state that the young girl has a net worth of $2 million. However, the claims remain unconfirmed because Genevieve is still young and has not yet started to work.

However, as for her father, he has an estimated net worth of $9 million, which he has acquired throughout his career. As for her mother, she has a net worth of $2 million as of 2021.