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Marley Fatu: The Son of Professional Wrestler, Sam Fatu

Marley Fatu is the son of pro wrestler Sam Fatu, known as the Tonga Kid, Tama and Rikishi. This article will walk you through everything you should know about him. Now, let’s get started.

Background and Family

Marley is a twin to his sister Myracle and was born in November 2008. The Fatu family has a long history of wrestling; Marley was a member of the Anoai family. His uncles are Eddie Fatu (Umaga) and Solofa Fatu Jr. (Headshrinker Fatu/Rikishi), both great wrestlers. A number of his cousins also wrestle professionally: Jacob Fatu and Journey Fatu.

A Private Life

Given his young age, Marley’s education and private life are understandably unknown to the public. Nothing is publicly available about his future career plans.


Net Worth

Since Marley has no professional endeavors right now, a net worth would be difficult to provide.

An Open Future

It remains to be seen whether Marley steps into the squared circle to carry on the Anoai family legacy in wrestling. He probably is enjoying his childhood and pursuing other interests for now. The future of Marley Fatu is still to be written but his family history will certainly keep him in wrestling.

His Father, Sam Fatu

Samuel Larry Anoai Fatu is a professional wrestler known by his ring names the Tonga Kid, Tama and the Samoan Savage. His decades of career had audiences laughing at his athleticism and fierce persona.

Born in 1965 in San Francisco, California, Sam Fatu was raised in wrestling. His Anoai family is a long line of successful wrestlers. Sam began training for a career in the ring following his uncles Afa and Sika Anoai (The Wild Samoans).

Details about Sam Fatu’s formal schooling are rare. It is clear his calling was professional wrestling, and he debuted in 1983 under the Wild Samoans.

Fatu played in various promotions. At first entering the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as Samoan No. 4 he was rebranded as “The Tonga Kid,” cousin of Superfly Jimmy Snuka. He later teamed with Tonga Fifita (Haku) as “The Islanders” under the names Tama and Rikishi. Fatu also fought in World Championship Wrestling as The Samoan Savage. He became known for playing different characters and winning tag team competition.

No information about Sam Fatu’s net worth is public but his long career suggests he made money.

Fatu married Theresa Fuavai-Fatu in 2008 and has two children. His brothers, Eddie Fatu (Umaga) and Solofa Fatu Jr. (Rikishi) were also wrestlers, establishing the Anoai family as kings of the sport. A few of his nephews and nieces also pro wrestle.

Fatu remains involved in wrestling even after his retirement from in-ring competition. He has appeared occasionally and remains a favorite with fans.

For years Sam Fatu’s wrestling career entertained audiences. He adapted to different characters and did well in tag team competition. Fatu is also part of a family dynasty that continues to shape professional wrestling today.