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Marshall Coben’s Biography, Career, Net Worth, and Spouse

When talking about Marshall Coben, his name became popular courtesy of his spouse. Marshall has been married to actress Jane Leaves for nearly a decade.

As a celebrity husband, Marshall has also worked to create a career. However, his career hasn’t given him the limelight his wife enjoys. Here, we will discuss more about Marshall Coben to ensure you understand him more. Let’s begin!

Biography of Marshall Coben

Marshall Coben is an American male born in 1970. He is from Los Angeles, California. Marshall is of mixed ethnicity and his nationality is American. Additionally, he has black hair and brown eye color. Marshall is 180 cm tall and in 2024, he is turning 54 years.


What is Marshall Coben’s Career?

Marshall is an American actor and producer. Moreover, he is mainly recognized for being a representative of CBS Paramount Television. Marshall started his professional career as a production associate.

Marshall has contributed to different work, such as the production of an episode in the Father Dowling Mysteries. He also got involved in the production of the Signal Hill Speed Run documentary in 2013. The documentary was the first of its kind, talking about skateboard race.

Although Marshall has had time on media, his work didn’t give him the limelight like the one his wife is enjoying. Nonetheless, it helped him earn income. Through his career, Marshall has a net worth of $3 million.

Marshall Coben’s Relationship

Marshall is a husband and a father. He is the husband of Jane Leeves. His wife is a popular actress and her work in the entertainment industry is respected. She is among the most respected English actress, especially after she won an Emmy and Globe award for her role in the Frasier series, where she played Daphine Moon.

Marshall and Jane dated for a while before they married on December 27, 1996. Marshall has a son and a daughter. His daughter, Isabella Kathryn Coben, is his first child and they welcomed her on January 9, 2001. Their second child, Finnish William Leeves Coben, was born on December 19, 2003.

What Do We Know About Marshall Coben’s Wife?

Marshall married Jane Leeves and the couple has two children. Marshall’s wife is an award-winning actress, singer, model, producer, and dancer. She is from the United Kingdom. Jane Leeves is recognized for winning a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for her role in the Frasier series, that ran from 1993 to 2004.

Jane started acting in 1981 and some of the movies and TV shows she has been involved in include, The Resident, The Great Indoors, We Bare Bears, Hot in Cleveland, The Simpsons, etc.

Talking about her physical appearance, Jane Leeves stands tall at 178 cm. She has dark brown eyes, a slender body, and a brown hair. Her weight is about 60 kg. Jane has a successful career, more than her husband. Her success has seen her gain a net worth of over $16 million. Through her net worth, Jane and her husband have managed to provide and care for their children.