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Mary Marquardt’s Biography, Family, and Career

Born in 1945, Mary is a famed personality who has been in the limelight thanks to her former marriage to Harrison Ford. Despite being by the Hollywood star’s side for many years, their marriage ended in divorce, due to Harrison’s infidelity.

So who is Mary Marquardt, and what is her career? Continue reading as we uncover her biography and more details!



Mary was born in 1945. Most of her early life details have remained unknown, making it hard to tell where she was born, brought up, or attended early education.

After successfully graduating from high school, she attended Ripon College in Wisconsin. It was during her time at the college that she met her future husband, Harrison. Motivated by culinary arts, Mary focused on the course.


Mary’s marriage to actor Harrison Ford afforded her the luxuries of life. While she did not dive into culinary arts immediately after college, she would later become a renowned chef, who earned from it.

The ex-celebrity wife wanted to be an independent lady. As a result, she started a career as a chef, driven by her passion for cooking. Collaborating with her ex-husband Ford, they opened a high-end restaurant in California, where she showed her skills.

Throughout the years, Mary has been a chef, which has helped her to accumulate a net worth of close to $2 million. However, in 2000, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which forced her to retire.

Since then, Mary’s legacy has continued with her son, Benjamin who has been a passionate chef. Mary’s son has embraced social media, unlike her, where he has shared more about his career.


Marquardt is a proud mother of two sons. During her marriage to actor Harrison Ford, they shared two sons, shortly after they exchanged vows. Harrison and Mary met in college and he wedded her when she was 21 years old.

Their journey together began in 1964. In 1966, the couple welcomed their eldest son, Benjamin Ford. Benjamin has grown up fond of cooking, hence pursuing a career as a chef. He is an active Instagram user with over 17,000 followers.

In 1969, Mary welcomed her second child, Willard Ford. Ten years later, Mary and Ford divorced. Since her divorce, Mary has chosen a quiet life, away from the media. It remains unknown if she went on to remarry or have more children.

Mary’s Marriage to Harrison Ford

Mary became a known person after her husband Harrison became a famous Hollywood actor. Mary and Harrison met in college and they grew fond of each other, so they ended up marrying after college.

Despite the couple divorcing in 1979 after thirteen years, Mary is recognized for her efforts in helping Ford achieve big in his career. She encouraged Harrison to relocate to Los Angeles and find a job, while she remained caring for the family.

Harrison soon rose to fame after he landed a role at Colombus Pictures. He got a bigger breakthrough when Star Wars Franchise was launched. But it ended his marriage when he got entangled with co-actor Carrie Fisher. As expected, Mary asked for a divorce after she realized about the affair.