Mary James Barr Mary James Barr

Mary James Barr – Early Life and Family

Mary James Barr is popularly known as the only daughter of the infamous outlaw Jesse James. Her father was a widely known outlaw, and his notorious activities had made him infamous. Many people knew him and how he was assassinated. Her father’s reputation made Mary become a person of interest as people wanted to learn more about her. We will present the information we have about Mary James Barr to help you know her better.

Early Life and Biography of Mary James Barr

Mary Susan was born on June 17, 1879. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the daughter of Jesse James and his wife, Zerelda James. Mary Susan is an American national and many people know her courtesy of the infamous history of her outlaw father.

Mary Susan is the sister of Jesse Edward James, Gould James, Montgomery James, and Joseph Jesse Chase. Mary and her brother Jesse James were both in Nashville and were using the aliases “Mary and Tim Howard.” The two were at home when their father was assassinated in 1882.

Marriage Life

Mary Susan married Henry Lafayette Barr on March 6, 1901. Together with her husband, Mary has four children. She has three sons and a daughter who died in 1913 when she was barely seven months old. Her sons are Lawrence H. Barr, born on October 16, 1902, making him the first born. The other is Forester Ray Barr, who was born on October 11, 1904. The last-born son is Chester A. Barr, who was born on May 27, 1907. Her daughter was named Henrietta May Barr and was born on March 14, 1913.

Her husband was born in 1867, and they married in 1901. However, her husband died in 1935. Together with her brother Jesse Edwards James, they appeared in the “Jesse James Under the Black Flag” movie.

Following her father’s assassination, her mother remarried, and that’s how Mary and Jesse got half-siblings.

Mary Susan’s Parents

Mary’s mother is Zerelda Amanda. She was born on July 21, 1845, in Logan, Kentucky. Her parents ae Mary Mimms and John Wilson Mimms. Zerelda married Jesse James on April 24, 1874, in Missouri, USA. They lived together until when Jesse was assassinated in 1882.

Jesse Woodson James is the father of Mary James Barr. He was born on September 5, 1847, in Missouri, USA. He is the son of Robert Sallee James and Zerelda Elizabeth. Before marrying Mary’s mother, Jesse Woodson was married to Maggie.

Mary’s father was three years old when his father died, and his mother remarried twice. Growing up. Jesse was a religious and kind person. As an adult, he served as a Partisan Ranger under Lieutenant Archie and Anderson. During the US Civil War, he got wounded, and coming back home, he joined with his cousin, and they started creating a gang that robbed and hit different banks. Jesse quickly became infamous as an outlaw and became a target for the government. However, he was assassinated in 1882 by Bob Ford.