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Mary Lee Harvey: Early Life, Education, Career, Family, and More

Mary Lee Harvey is mostly known as one of the ex-wives of famous American comedian and television host, Steve Harvey. In this well-detailed article, we will delve into her early life, education, career, life after divorce, and more.

Early Life

Mary Lee Shackelford was born on 20 October 1960, in Arlington, Texas, United States. She was born into a large family of ten children. Although Mary Lee would later be associated with fame, she managed to keep details of her childhood and parents away from the public. However, in a rare interview which she granted few years ago, she mentioned that her formative years were marred by a toxic father figure whose influence shaped her psyche.


Details of her academic pursuits are vague but it is reported Mary Lee attended Delhi High School for secondary education. Besides this, little is known of her educational background or possible higher learning pursuits.



Mary Lee worked as a makeup artist before marrying Steve Harvey. She worked at a cosmetics store, according to several sources, getting experience in her field. However, we have no idea on what she does for a living now.

How She Met Her Ex-Husband, Steve Harvey

Mary Lee met Steve Harvey in 1989 at a club in Arlington, Texas. The two were just coming out of relationships at the time – Steve had divorced his first wife, Marcia Harvey, with whom he had three children – and Mary Lee had a son from another union.

The two struck up a relationship despite their complicated circumstances and spent seven years courting before getting married in 1996.

On 18 July 1997, Mary Lee and Steve Harvey welcomed Wynton, their first child, into the world. Their marriage was once picture-perfect – a union built on love and dreams shared. However, over the years cracks began to show and the once idyllic relationship dissolved.

Allegations and Acrimony: The Unraveling of a Marriage

As they divorced, Mary Lee made several accusations against her former husband. And she accused Steve of infidelity with his current wife, Marjorie. She also accused him of psychological and physical abuse involving her and their son, Wynton.

But these charges were dismissed because there was no substantial evidence indicating their marital discord.

Legal Battles and Contempt: A Saga of Defiance

After the couple divorced, Mary Lee took her grievances public by posting videos on YouTube mocking Steve Harvey’s reputation and character. This led to a legal battle with Steve suing his ex-wife for defamation.

The court then banned Mary Lee from speaking publicly about her divorce – an order she violated – resulting in her arrest, with a brief jail sentence for contempt of court.

Financial Settlements: Navigating the Aftermath

The bitter divorce did not leave Mary Lee Harvey destitute. Court documents reveal that until March 2009 she received USD 40,000 per month plus USD 1.5 million in lump sum payments. She also got three properties in the divorce settlement.

A Son’s Allegiance: Navigating Family Dynamics

In the midst of the legal battle, custody of Wynton Harvey became a sticking point. Ultimately, Steve Harvey gained custody of their son – a boy who has since developed a strong relationship with his father and stepmother, Marjorie Harvey. Wynton attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. He often posts photos of his family on social media.

Seeking Restitution: The USD 60 Million Lawsuit

Mary Lee Harvey once sued her ex-husband for USD 60 million for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress. But Steve Harvey’s legal team denied those claims.

Life after Divorce: Embracing Privacy and Anonymity

Since her highly publicized divorce, Mary Lee Harvey has gone into the shadows, living in relative secrecy. She rarely makes public her whereabouts or relationships.

According to reports, Mary Lee currently lives in California, United States. It is also important to note that she has remained unmarried since she and Steve Harvey got divorced.

Net Worth: The Financial Status of Mary Lee Harvey

The turbulent events of her past aside, Mary Lee Harvey has amassed a net worth of around USD 500,000. This is less than her ex-husband’s reported net worth of USD 200 million but provides some security for her.

Conclusion: A Life in Mysteries

Despite the dust being settled on one of Hollywood’s most contentious divorces, Mary Lee Harvey remains an unassuming character – her life after her marriage to Steve Harvey remains an open question mark. While the public may never know the whole truth about the breakdown of their union, one thing is for sure: Mary Lee’s story is one that shows difficulties that can arise in even the most celebrated romantic relationships.