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Who is Miles Xavier Tate? Meet Larenz Tate’s Eldest Son

Miles Xavier Tate was brought into the limelight after his parents announced his arrival in 2006. Miles ushered in the chapter of parenthood to Larenz Tate and her better half, and there have been more blessings in the family since then.

Despite Miles’ parents being in the limelight because of their career, they have chosen otherwise for their children, including Miles. Perhaps it is for their safety, but it is evident that the celebrities don’t want to drag their children into the limelight yet.

Miles Xavier Tate’s Siblings

While Miles is the eldest in his family, he is proud to have three other siblings. Being an elder sibling is interesting, and it has not been that different with Miles. His brother Zander was born on June 27, 2008, two years after Miles’s birth.

Miles and Zander seem to be best friends, as they have been spotted several times accompanying their parents to various functions. Miles’s other sibling is called Zion, born in November 2013. In 2018, Miles’ parents announced they had the newest family member, although they did not announce the name.

As much as the family has grown, Miles’ parents are keen to keep them off the media. The fact that they chose to keep the name of their youngest child out of the limelight shows how keen they are to give the handsome guys their privacy.

Miles’s Father

Miles’s father is a famous actor named Larenz Tate. The famous actor never took his career seriously until one of his classmates got a breakthrough after appearing in The Cosby Show.

Larenz and his twin brothers started attending theatre programs from a young age. After getting motivation from one of his classmates, he started exploring the career further until he landed his first opportunity in 1985.

Since 1985, Miles’ father has continued to make remarkable progress in getting more roles, making his presence as an actor felt.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miles’s father has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. The source further includes that the celebrity actor has been featured in famous television films like The Cosby Show, The Wonder Years and many others, contributing to his growing net worth.

Who is Miles Xavier’s Mother?

Tomasina Parrott is a celebrated actress in the United States, best known as Miles Xavier’s mother. The celebrity mother has been in the limelight as an actress since the early 2000s.

Besides having a remarkable career, Tomasina has not been left behind in being a gorgeous mother. The actress started the journey of motherhood in 2006 before they walked down the aisle with Larenz Tate.

Despite the ups and downs of life, Tomasina and Tate continue to fight together. Their dedication is clear, which is why they have managed to stay by each other’s side for almost two decades.

Miles Xavier’s Career

As highlighted earlier, Miles’s presence in the media is minimal. It seems the young lad has chosen a different path than his parents, or he is yet to start a career. Considering his young age, he must be in college pursuing his studies.