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All About LeBron James’s Wife, Savannah James’s Net Worth

LeBron James is known as one of the wealthiest basketball players in history. His wife, Savannah James, is also a famed personality who has created a net worth for herself. As a businesswoman and philanthropist, Savannah has achieved a lot through the support of her husband.

Although LeBron James is a billionaire, this has not prevented Savannah from launching her businesses, which have earned her a handsome net worth. So, how much is the celebrity wife’s net worth, and what are the sources of her wealth?

Savannah James Net Worth

Savannah James is one of the richest celebrity wives, with a net worth of $100 million. The celebrity wife takes pride as a businesswoman and philanthropist, which has enabled her to gain such a huge amount, at a young age.

Although Savannah’s husband has been earning huge amounts from his basketball career, the celebrity wife has also been making good money from various ventures. While she was living in Miami, Florida, she operated a Juice hub. Although she closed the business in 2016 when relocating, she collaborated with her husband to start a furniture shop, as we will see in the section below.



Savannah James is recognized for her career as a business lady. Her first business was established in Miami, The Juice Shop. The juice shop operated for a while until 2016, when she relocated to Ohio.

As a result, the businesswoman closed down the shop and launched Home Court, a furniture store. Besides her businesses, James is a generous lady involved in philanthropic work.

She launched a mentorship program called Women of Our Future, which mentors, counsels, and supports young girls in Akron, Ohio. Moreover, she runs another event, I PROM-ise, an annual event which supports Akron students. Apart from the ventures, she supports various communities in Akron, and gives back through the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Savannah James Marriage

Savannah James is a public figure who enjoys the limelight because of her marriage to LeBron James. Savannah and Lebron met when the celebrity wife was a sophomore at Buchtel High School, while LeBron was at St. Vincent-St Mary.

Despite coming from rival schools in Akron, Savannah got LeBron’s number and they started growing close. Their relationship blossomed quickly that they welcomed their eldest child, Bronny when Savannah was in her senior high school year. Three years later, they welcomed their second child.

The couple dated for many years before they officiated their relationship. LeBron James proposed to Savannah in 2011. Two years later, the couple exchanged vows in San Diego, California.

Over the next year, the James welcomed their third child, Zhuri. Savannah has been a supportive wife, to LeBron James.

Why is Savannah James Famous?

Savannah James’s marriage to an NBA Star is the main reason for her fame. Due to her marriage with LeBron James, she has garnered a social media following, making her an iconic figure. She is active on Instagram, where she boasts millions of followers. Moreover, she is active on YouTube, where she launched a YouTube channel with her daughter.