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Who Was Thomas Bloom Raskin? Everything About Jamie Raskin’s Later Son

Thomas Bloom Raskin was a second-year Harvard student whose death shocked many people. The family revealed that Thomas had been battling depression for a long time, and it prompted him to commit suicide.

Tommy was extraordinary, with a good heart, and he only loved good gossip. His actions made many people remember him, and it saddened him to see people suffer injustices. Moreover, he never wanted to participate in lousy gossip and wanted to see everyone happy.

Thomas Raskin Bio

Thoms Raskin died on the last day of 2020, and it was so unfortunate to lose such a pure heart. By the time he died, Thomas had achieved a lot and had a track record of working with bug companies.

Thomas graduated from Amherst College and did his internship at Cato Institute and J Street, to mention a few. Thomas, a passionate vegan, spent most of his time writing philosophical defenses of animal rights. As a result, he spent every opportunity he got converting those around him to giving up meat.

Thomas devoted his time to doing good and even donated his teaching salary to charities in students’ names. He wrote political essays and had them published in The Nation. Moreover, he was a law student and a teaching assistant at the Harvard Law School.

Thomas Bloom Raskin’s Death

On December 31, 2020, Raskin’s son committed suicide, taking his own life. His father recalled memories of his son, sharing how his son was unique with a photographic memory. He was even more outstanding because he mostly shared his love and compassion stories.

In Tommy’s family, no one was a vegetarian, but he turned everyone into one. Everyone knew him for his good heart; through this, he felt the pain and suffering of the whole world. Tommy thought animals should have rights like humans and wanted human life measured against animal life.

Many described Tommy as a dynamic force for good in the world. He was driven to expose challenges and uproot all forms of injustice, especially the suffering forced on animals.

Even during his internship, he touched the hearts of many people, becoming outstanding for taking responsibility and ensuring everyone was doing okay. Moreover, he ensured no one was left out disconnected. It was clear that, in his presence, he never wanted to hear about negative things or gossip.

What Caused Thomas Raskin’s Death

When Tommy died, his father revealed that his son had been battling depression for a long time. Depression affects hundreds of people, and it caused the young man relentless torture and unbearable pain.

While grieving his son, Raskin was so sad that he had never seen any clue that his son was not handling depression well. To remember their son, the Raskin family started the Tommy Raskin Memorial Fund, which is aimed at people and animals. Tommy’s Raskin was a loving son to Jamie Raskin, and he had two sisters.