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Steve Perry’s Net Worth, Biography and life history

Steve Perry is a famous and respected record producer and singer-songwriter. He is an American born in Jan 22, 1949 and over the years, he has managed to build a firm career that has contributed to his net worth of $70 million. Steve Perry’s reputation is mainly attributed to his role as the lead singer of the Journey band. Stick around as we share more details about Steve Perry’s net worth.

Steve Perry’s Biography

Stephen Ray Perry is a name whose reputation has grown courtesy of his music career. He was born in Hanford, California, on January 22, 1949. His parents are Portuguese and his father was a vocalist. It’s through the motivation from his father that Steve Perry started focusing on music at his young age.

Moreover, his father also co-owned a radio station. Steve Perry’s parents separated when he was 8 years old and he ended up relocating to live with his grandparents in their farm.

Perry got more involved in music when he was in high school studying in Lemoore, California. He started his career by joining bands and when he was in College, he joined the choir and sung tenor.


Steve Perry’s Career

Steve focused more on his career when he was in his 20s. He teamed up with Mathew and while Mathew played drums and guitar, Perry sang the songs. The band’s name was Ice and they proceeded to record several tracks but lack of management hindered them from releasing the songs.

Perry then joined the Pieces rock band but it also failed to give him the desired music breakthrough. He then joined another band, but unfortunately, one of the team members died in a road crash and for Perry, it was a sign that his music career was doomed. He quit and went back home.

However, the Journey band reached out to him and although Perry was uninterested, his mother convinced him to reply to the band. He then joined them and he went ahead to replace the band’s singer .

The band released their first album, dabbed Infinity, in 1978. Perry’s involvement with the band saw then move from being a progressive rock band to having a pop infusion. Through this change, the band started enjoying more results and their songs started being played on radio.

Aside from working with the band, Perry has also worked on other solo projects and over the years, he has matured in the game, gained more influence, and solidified his presence in the industry. Moreover, Steve Perry is also a song-writer. He has written most of his solo tracks and, in 2020, he was even nominated to be included in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

Steve Perry’s Net Worth

Steve Perry has grown to be recognized as an American singer, and song-writer. He has been in the industry for years and his fame came after he joined the Journey band. As of 2024, Steve Perry’s net worth is 70 million. Through it, he is living an admirable life.