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Adam22’s Net Worth, Life, and Career

In the entertainment world, the name Adam22 represents the Adam Grandmaison’s handle. Adam Grandmaison is a popular podcaster and YouTuber whose fame is attributed to his “No Jumper” podcast, which has grown his channel to over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Our focus today is on Adam22. We will start by understanding his early life. Next, we will learn how Adam22 grew to fame and his career. Lastly, we will talk about his net worth.

Who is Adam22?

As mentioned, Adam22 is Adam Grandmaison’s handle. Adam was born in Nashua, New York, on November 24, 1983. At a young age, Adam22 developed an interest in riding BMX bikes and became involved in the activity.

However, years later, his passion shifted to hip-hop music. Some of his childhood favorite hiphop musicians include Gucci Mane.

Adam’s popularity spread further after he married Lena Nersesian. Lena’s professional name is “Lena the Plug Together,” and she is an online personality. Moreover, she is an adult film actress and was Adam’s long-time girlfriend before their marriage.

How Did Adam22 Start His Career?

From his early exposure and interest in BMX bikes, Adam launched his BMX website in 2006. The website “The Come Up” spread Adam’s popularity in the BMX world. Besides, Adam later created his BMX biking team, “ONSOMESHIT.” He then started a BMX biking team and opened a clothing line.

What pushed Adam to the limelight more was his podcast and YouTube careers. As a child, Adam loved “Bricks,” one of Gucci Mane’s songs, and he ended up starting his Tumblr blog in 2011, which he named “No Jumper.” He sourced the name from a lyric from the song.

In his blog, Adam22 focused on featuring different hip-hop artists and articles while promoting lesser-known artists.

Adam then shifted his interest from a blog to a YouTube podcast. The podcast was focused on BMX but later transitioned to interviews. It was from his channel that Adam became known as Adam22.

In his podcast, Adam22 has interviewed popular rappers such as Lil Yachty, Young Thug, Tekashi69, Xavier Wulf, etc. These interviews quickly saw his channel reach over 4 million subscribers and a billion views.

In his podcast, Adam has also interviewed music executives, singers, and actors. He focuses on targeting reputable names in different sectors to give his audience a worthwhile interview.

Adam22’s Music Career

Apart from being a YouTuber, Adam22 has also had a music career. Under Atlantic Records, he released two non-album singles. His album featured other artists such as BlocBoy JB and Tay-K. However, in the same year, 2018, Atlantic Records dropped him after he got accused of sexual assault.

Adam22’s Net Worth

Over the years, Adam22 has engaged in different ventures that have helped grow his net worth. He started with his retail shop focusing on BMX clothing. His career as a YouTube podcaster has brought him more money, while his music career has had minimal revenue.

Cumulatively, Adam22 has a net worth of $4 million as of 2024.