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Alissa Mahler’s Biography, Net Worth, Career, and Husband

Anyone who has watched The Michael Knowles Show already knows who Michael Knowles is. Did you know that Michael Knowles is the husband of Alissa Mahler? Now, you know. Better yet, this post shares more information about Alissa Mahler.

Alissa’s popularity met her after she got married to Michael Knowles. Although she prefers not being in her husband’s limelight, there is plenty to talk about regarding her life and the relationship she shares with Michael Knowles.


Get to Know Alissa Mahler

Alissa is an American personality enjoying the limelight courtesy of the status her husband has as a political reporter and his involvement in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Alissa is an American nationality born in 1990. She hails from Nashville, Tennessee. Alissa has kept private her information such as details of her parents and siblings. Nonetheless, we know that she was brought up in a Christian home in the Belle Meade neighborhood. Her upbringing helped shape her into the presentable woman she is.

Alissa’s Education and Career

Alissa Mahler is a learned woman. She attended Bedford Hills public school and later joined the University of Maryland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and history. Alissa also joined Yale University to pursue journalism. It was at Yale University that she met her future husband.

Alissa graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy at UC Irvine. Alissa then got a job at the UCI Centre, working as a graduate student, under the Centre for Psychology and Law. Alissa has also worked as part of the research team for Eunice Kennedy Shriver NCD, and worked there from 2012 to 2014. While working as an UC Irvine graduate, Alissa focused on investigating the juvenile justice system consequences.

Alissa has helped author different research articles. She is still in her active career and her efforts are helping mentor other students.

Alissa Mahler’s Relationship

We’ve already mentioned that Alissa met Michael Knowles when they were students. The two developed a friendship for years. They were friends for 16 years, until Michael took their relationship public on September 2, 2012. Michael shared the news on his Instagram for his fans to stay informed.

Michael and Alissa then engaged in 2017, and shared their proposal moment on their socials. Alissa got married in June 2018, and her friends and family were present to celebrate with her the occasion. The couple lives in Los Angeles, California.

Alissa is the mother of two children. She welcomed her son in January 2021, and reveled her second marriage in March 2022. Their second child was welcomed into the world on the same year in August.

What Do We Know About Michael Knowles?

Alissa’s husband is a popular TV host and personality. He is recognized for his professions as an author, political writer, podcaster, and TV personality. He also has his own show, The Michael Knowles Show, and that’s how many people know him.

Michael has a long career as a journalist and has been involved in different series, such as “Never Do Business with Friends.”