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Barry Manilow Net Worth, Biography and life history

Barry Manilow is a celebrity singer who has been in the industry for many years. The singer’s career spanned over five decades, making him one of the best singers, with millions of records sold worldwide.

Moreover, the singer has been in controversies regarding his sexual orientation, making some of his fans confused. Here are the singer’s net worth, family, and career details!

Barry Manilow’s Net Worth

Barry Manilow is one of the wealthiest singers, with a net worth of $100 million. The Brooklyn-born singer has been in the industry for over five decades and has a substantial net worth.

Barry started his career early on, and despite having a challenging job, he grew with time, becoming a successful songwriter and singer.

When Barry was starting, he wrote commercial jingles to earn an income. Despite the jingles becoming hits, he benefitted a little because he did not have rights. However, the singer revealed that the jingles enabled him to survive, which matters.


Barry’s career was not an easy one due to financial constraints. He used to be hired for jingles to write for brands to make some money. Brands still use his jingles, but that does not mean he earns from them.

Although Barry did not make much from the commercial jingles, they taught him everything that boosted his career later. In an interview, the iconic singer revealed that it was the best college he could have ever imagined.

Barry’s career began in 1964 after he met Bros Herrod. Bros requested Barry to put together a few songs for the musical, but Barry composed an original score, which was accepted.

Barry earned money from the original score, and it ran for eight years. During these years, Barry wrote jingles, shaping his career as a successful pop singer.

Later, in the late 1960s, Barry got a record deal with Tony Orlando. Unfortunately, he did not make much out of the agreement; instead, he accompanied Bettle Midler in her albums.

The involvement with Bettle earned Barry the needed exposure, and he was nominated for a Grammy award in 1973. In the same year, Barry released an album before releasing Mandy two years later. Mandy became one of the greatest hits.

After the 1975 hit, Barry released several songs in the following years. In history, 13 of his songs were ranked no 1 in the music charts, alongside several multi-platinum albums.

Despite Manilow being a talented songwriter, many of his hit songs were written by someone else. Moreover, he toured the world and established himself as a globally accepted singer.

Barry Manilow Family

Barry is known for being in relationships with men and women. Manilow was first married to Susan Deixler, his high school girlfriend. The couple married in 1966 but went separately a year later.

Manilow claimed he loved her genuinely and explained he left her to focus on his music career. Manilow was later involved romantically with men and married Garry Kief in 2014.