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Henry Kissinger’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Henry Kissinger is known because of engaging in different professions. He has been a teacher, soldier, author, statesman, politician, actor, and businessperson. His prominent popularity is attributed to his political career. Henry Kissinger is a millionaire, and his net worth is estimated to be $50 million. This post will discuss more about him to understand his early life, career, and net worth.

Early Life of Henry Kissinger

Henry’s birth name is Heinz Alfred Kissinger. He was born in Furth, Bavaria, on May 27, 1923. He was brought up alongside his brother and showed interest in soccer from a young age. From this interest, he went ahead and worked on his skills and later joined one of the best German youth soccer team clubs during his time.

Henry didn’t stay in Germany forever. At age 15, Henry and his family relocated to the United States. Their relocation was in response to the rising antisemitism in Germany. While in the USA, he changed his name from Heinz to Henry.

Henry and his family first lived in New York, and it was there that he joined high school and shortly opted for night courses to allow him to work as a factory worker. After his graduation, he joined college to pursue accounting.

Personal Life

Henry has been married twice. His first marriage was with Anne Fleischer, and they stayed together from 1949 to 1964. The couple welcomed two children, Elizabeth and David.

Following the separation from his first wife, Henry then married Nancy Maginnes, a socialite. However, Henry has managed to keep much information about his personal life private.

Henry Kissinger’s Career

Henry has been involved in different professions over the years. We will focus on the three most impactful of the careers.

  1. Henry’s Military Service

Henry’s first career came when he was a student. He was interrupted from his education during WW2 and got drafted into the United States Army. It was during his training session that he became a naturalized US citizen.

Henry’s German fluency was an added advantage, and he was mainly involved in the military intelligence part. By the time he left the military, he had won a Bronze Star for his service.

  1. Henry’s Academic Career

Henry joined Harvard after his military service and earned a degree in political science. By 1954, he had earned his MA and Ph.D. in the same institution. He then joined the faculty and led research into nuclear weapons. By the time he left his academic career, he was already involved in politics.

  1. Henry’s Political Career

Henry began his political career in 1969 as a National Security Advisor. Kissinger was essential in foreign policies and held the position for some time. He was involved in different conflicts, especially handling the conflict between the USA and Vietnam.

Henry Kissinger’s Net Worth

At one point, Henry said he was broke even after a successful career. However, he became an author and speaker, earning over $600k a year. Through this, he bounced back and now has a net worth of $50 million.