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Daniel Teutul, Personal profile, History of Orange County Ironworks, family and sibling

Personal profile and biography

Daniel Teutul is the general manager of Orange County Ironworks. He was born in 1977. We do not have any information about the early life of Daniel Teutul. He kept his personal life private. Daniel Teutul is the son of American businessman Paul Teutul. His father was the founder of Orange County Choppers.


History of Orange County Ironworks

Paul Teutul was born on 1 May 1949 in New York, United States. He was the founder of Orange County Ironworks. Paul Teutul started his work with a single welding machine in 1973. He worked hard and after a few years; Paul Teutul expanded his business in 1986. He started Orange County Iron in New York. Paul continued his work and built another branch in New Windsor, New York, in 1998. Both branches were in different locations, so it was difficult for Paul to manage them. Daniel Teutul joined his father after completing his education.  He is the owner of Orange County Ironworks now.

Daniel Teutul reorganized all the services of Orange County Iron. In 2004, He renamed his company Orange County Ironworks, LLC.

Daniel Teutul not only worked in his father’s company, but also started his steel company. He is the founder of a structural steel erection company, Gabriel Steel Erectors. He focuses on designing, fabricating, and erecting all structural steel pieces. Daniel Teutul started a steel fabricating shop in 2010, to support the growth of Orange County Choppers in Montgomery. They constructed the Heavy Bay building in 2019 to expand the capabilities of Orange County Ironworks. Daniel Teutul

Is working hard and always provides the best products to customers. Now Orange County Ironworks is one of the best companies in the United States. This is the result of the hard work and struggle of Paul Teutul and Daniel Teutul. Daniel Teutul appeared many times on TV shows along with his father. People love their products and want them to provide their best in the future.

Daniel Teutul’s family and siblings

Daniel Teutul is the son of Paul Teutul and Paula Teutul.  Paul Teutul married her in 1969. They have four children. Paul Michael Teutul was born on 2 October 1974. He is an American TV star. He also works with his father. Paul Michael Teutul worked as the chief designer and fabricator at Orange County Ironworks. He is also the founder of Paul Jr. Designs.  Paul Michael Teutul married Racheal Biester Teutul . They have one child.

Michael Joseph Teutul was born on 26 November 1978. He is also a TV personality. Michael Joseph Teutul appeared in many reality shows like American Chopper and American Chopper: He was not interested in family business and did not work in any company with his father.

Christin Teutul was born in 1983. She is working as a nurse in New York City. She is living a private life and does not like to share her personal life on social media.