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The Complete Information about Micky Popovich and Gregg Popovich Life

Micky Popovich is the son of an American basketball coach “Gregg Popovich” and Paralympic swimmer “Erin Popovich”. His father Gregg Popovich is one of the highest paid and most successful NBA coach in the history. Today, we mostly talk about the life of Gregg Popovich and his son micky Popovich.

Early Life

Micky Popovich is born in the state of America. He started his early education from the high school of city. The career he selected is still a mystery for us. His parents always want to give him a private life just away from the spotlight.

As we all know that he is born with a golden spoon. His parent’s always support him to select a right career and became successful in a life. His mother is very supportive with Micky and love him so much. He also has a sister named Jill Popovich.


About her Parent’s

If we talk about the parent’s, then mother always come first because she plays a main role in a life of his children. His mother Erin Popovich is a three-time United States Paralympic swimmer. She won 19 times Paralympic gold medals in his career.

She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, US. His parents are physician and a teacher. She was born with a genetic disorder achondroplasia. Erin Popovich was interested in sports from an early age, she often played soccer and basketball. She completed his education of Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University.

Erin Popovich make four world records at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney. She announced her retirement from competitive swimming in 2010. After a long time, battle with a respiratory illness, she passed away on 18 April 2018 at the age of 67.

Gregg Popovich is the father of Micky Popovich. He is an American Basketball Coach. He is also known as a “Coach Pop”. Gregg Popovich net worth is almost $50 million. He is one of the biggest and highest paid coach in NBA history. He has won 5 titles with the San Antonio Spurs.

He is born on 28 January 1949. He is born in a City Hospital of East Chicago, Indiana. His father is Serbian and mother is Croatian. He started his early education from Merrillville High School in 1966. He completed his bachelor degree of Soviet studies from United States Air Force Academy.

He served five year of active duty in United State Air Force and toured eastern Europe with U.S. Armed Forces Basketball Team. In 1972, Gregg Popovich is selected as a captain of the Armed Forces Team. Under his captaincy, the team won the Amateur Athletic Union championship.

Gregg Popovich completed his master’s degree in physical education and sports science from University of Denver. He started his coaching career as an assistant coach in Armed Forces Basketball team. He also takes coaching classes from the head coach of the University of Kansas “Larry Brown”.

He married with Erin Popovich. The couple have 2 children together. Gregg Popovich is a serious wine collector and an investor in Oregon’s Wineworks.