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Erin Andrew’s Net Worth, Early Life, and Career?

Who is Erin Andrews, and what’s her net worth? Suppose you have these questions and seek answers. You are home, as this post focuses on understanding who Erin Andrew is, her career, how she makes her money, and her net worth. Please stick around as we elaborate more on Erin’s net worth.

Early Life of Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is an actor, journalist, and sports commentator. The 5 ft 10 in was born in Lewiston, Maine, on May 4, 1978. Erin is the daughter of Steven Andrews. Her father is a TV journalist and six-time Emmy Award winner. As for her mother, she is a school teacher.

Erin moved with her family to San Antonio, Texas, when she was five. During this time, her father worked for NBC as an investigative reporter. Erin once mentioned that she grew up a tomboy with a firm interest in sports. She was interested in NBA games, and her father encouraged her to watch and follow female sportscasters to see what it was like for them.

Erin attended her high school in Valrico, Florida, and her time there was mainly focused on extracurricular activities. During this time, she solidified her ground in being a sportswoman. Her great desire for sports ended up pushing her to have more male friends as her female friends were not interested in sports.

She graduated in 1996 and joined the University of Florida, where she pursued telecommunication. Erin attained her Bachelor of Arts in 2000.

Erin’s Career

Right after her graduation, Erin joined Fox News Florida. She then worked for ESPN in 2004, focusing on covering sporting events. This niche gave her popularity and opened opportunities for her, including being invited to different talk shows.

Erin was also involved in “Dancing with the Stars” in its tenth season and came third. Her time at ESPN ended in 2012, and she joined FOX Sports to continue her passion for covering sporting events. Two years later, Erin appeared as a co-host for the “Dancing with the Stars” and remained there until 2020.

Understanding Erin Andrews’ Net Worth

Erin’s interest in covering sports news earned her an admirable income. At Fox NFL, she was earning $2 million a year. Moreover, she has partnered with several brands throughout her career, especially those involved in charitable projects. For instance, she undertook a Fight Hunger campaign in 2010, partnering with Kraft Foods.

In 2014, Erin was the face of the Covergirl cosmetics company. She also became the brand ambassador for Orangetheory Fitness in 2016. Erin has been involved in a stalking incident. Stalker Michael David Barett stalked her and used peepholes to film her, sharing her nudes to the internet.

The incident affected Erin, but the stalker was jailed for two and a half years and fined. Erin then sued the hotel and other involved parties. She ended up being paid $55 million in damages.

So far, Erin has amassed her wealth from her career, and her net worth is estimated at $30 million.