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Joseline Hernandez’s Net Worth, Early Life, and Personal Life

Joseline Hernandez is a celebrity who has made a name for herself through acting, rapping, and being a stripper. The Puerto Rican celebrity started as a stripper, and she later found herself acting after being discovered by Stevie J.

Hernandez came from a low-income family. As a result, she started working as a stripper in a club so that her siblings could have a better life. Her hard work led her from stripping to acting and rapping, eventually enabling her to make a substantial net worth.

What is Joseline Hernandez’s Net Worth?

Hernandez’s net worth is estimated between $300,000 and $500,000. The star has been in the acting industry and rapping, contributing positively to her growing net worth.

Hernandez became a celebrity after acting in Show Love & Hip Hope: Atlanta and Love &Hip Hope Miami, significantly boosting her income and wealth. The actress was featured in six seasons, opening numerous opportunities that pushed her to a better place.

Joseline’s Early Life

Joseline was born on November 3, 1986, in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She had five siblings who she grew up with, but life was not easy, considering that she lost her father at a young age.

Life compelled Joseline and her family to relocate to Florida for a better life. Still, life was not easy in Florida, and Joseline had to start working as a stripper at 16 years old to help her parents raise her siblings.

How did Joseline Rise to Fame

Joseline’s journey to fame began in the club as a stripper. Stevie J discovered her at the Onyx club in Atlanta and was soon cast into the first season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta in 2012. Joseline was Stevie’s artist, but it was later revealed that they were romantically involved.

The reality television show was based on Joseline’s love affair with Stevie, and the fact that Stevie’s girlfriend, Mimi Faust, was also a cast member did not sit well with her.

The entry into the show was the beginning of Joseline’s fame. She released dancehall singles while appearing in the show and did several other shows.

Additionally, she started her television special Joseline’s Special Delivery, which featured Joseline’s life with her ex-partner Stevie and how they gave birth to their daughter.

Besides the mentioned ventures, Joseline has acted in her reality show series, Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami. The show premiered in January 2020.

Joseline’s Personal Life

The Puerto Rican Princess, as she is also referred to, is a proud mother. She welcomed her daughter with Stevie J in 2016 but has been involved in court battles over custody. Despite Stevie winning the custody of his daughter and being exempted from paying child support, the actress took the matter back to court.

Joseline and Stevie claimed they were married in 2013 but later revealed they were in a long-term relationship, which was never made official. In 2020, Joseline’s boyfriend, Ballistic Beats, proposed to her while they were on the season finale of Marriage Boot Camp.