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Maximus Stratus Fisico Biography and life history

Any child born to celebrity parents enjoys the status of being a celebrity kid, and it comes with various benefits. For instance, you become popular, and people become curious to know you. Maximus Stratus Fisico is lucky to be the son of celebrity parents. His parent’s fame puts him in the limelight and he is our focus for today. We will talk about Maximus while focusing on his parents.

Who is Maximus Stratus Fisico?

Even if the name Maximus Stratus Fisico could be new to you, you’ve probably heard about his parents. He is the son of Trish Stratus and Ron Fisico. His mother is a former WWE Woman’s Champion who is into yoga, fitness modeling, and entrepreneurship. His father is a professional bodybuilder and instructor.

Maximus Stratus Fisico was born in 2013 and has a younger sister, Madison Patricia Fisico, born in 2017. Unfortunately, little is known about Maximus, as his parents have taken much of the attention. Besides, they prefer keeping a low profile regarding their children.

We don’t have information on the background of Maximus, including his education. As of 2024, Maximus is turning 11 years old and is still under the care of his parents. His parents live a happy life, which extends to the children. Again, with their net worth, it’s wise to believe that Maximus has a good life.

Meet Maximus Status Fisico’s Mother

Maximus’ mother is known by her ring name Trish Stratus. However, her birth name is Patricia Anne Stratigeas. She was born on December 18, 1975, in Toronto, ON. Trish is a famous American retired WWE wrestler, actress, fitness instructor, and model.

Her reputation is attributed to her time in WWE, where she held the World Woman Championship. Trish started her wrestling career on March 19, 2000, and held on to it until her retirement on August 11, 2019. Her time in WWE saw her hit different career records. For instance, she held titles such as “Babe of the Year,” Unconditional WWE Champion,” etc.

The celebrity is the eldest child in her family. She has two sisters and attended Bayview Secondary School. Afterward, she enrolled at York University to pursue biology and kinesiology.

Her performance in WWE gave her a huge fanbase, and she was later inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Throughout her career, Trish has earned a net worth of $15 million.

Meet Maximus Stratus Fisico’s Father

Ron Fisico is the father of Maximus Stratus Fisico. He is widely recognized as a professional bodybuilder and instructor. Moreover, his fame is attributed to his being the husband of Trish Stratus. His wife’s career success and popularity have helped shape Ron’s career and put him in the limelight.

Ron and Trish were longtime friends and their love saw them date for 14 years before getting married. Ron is successful in his career and through it, he manages to take care and provide for his family. His net worth is $2.5 million.