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Keelin Noel Garcia – Jerry Garcia’s Daughter

Many people only learned about Keelin Noel Garcia after her father’s death. Jerry Garcia’s death ushered in an estate battle and other lawsuits in which different players wanted a share of the properties. It was through these lawsuits that Keelin Noel Garcia hit the headlines and drove attention to her. Who is Keelin Noel Garcia, and what information do we have about her? Stick around as we answer this question.

Meet Keelin Noel Garcia

Keelin is popularly known as one of the children of the late Jerry Garcia. Her mother is Carolyn Adams. Keelin has a sibling and a half-sister from her father’s previous marriage. Her parents married and divorced in 1994, and their time together gave birth to Keelin and her sibling.

However, his father was previously married to Sara Ruppenthal, and they had a daughter, Heather, in 1963. The couple separated in 1967, and that’s when Jerry started dating Keelin’s mother.

Keelin’s information is kept private, and only little information is known about her. She doesn’t love being in the limelight, and apart from her father’s death and the lawsuits, we might have probably never heard about her.

Even though her birthdate is unknown, we can approximate that she was born in the 1970s or 1980s. Her current whereabouts and information also remain hidden and out of her interest.

Why Did Keelin Become Famous?

A question of why and when is asked regarding Keelin’s one-time popularity. Unfortunately, her father died in 1995, and shortly after his burial, battles regarding his estates arose. The involved parties each wanted a share of Keelin’s father’s estate.

Keelin herself also sued, claiming that her father’s will wasn’t fully inclusive and that she wasn’t awarded enough. Considering that her father’s net worth was over $15 million, it’s no surprise that different players were ready for battle.

Keelin won the lawsuit, which was settled for an undisclosed amount. Moreover, she was given a share in the “Cherry Garcia” trademark, which earns her income even today. This lawsuit and her winning the case to receive a share of her late father’s wealth are what pushed Keelin to the limelight.

Meet Keelin Noel Garcia’s Father

Keelin Noel is famous for being Jerry Garcia’s daughter. Keelin’s father goes down the history books as a musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and artist. Jerry was born in San Francisco on August 1, 1942.

Jerry Garcia was a school dropout at age 17. He was eager to pursue his passion for music, and this passion drove him to become the initial founder of the Grateful Dead band. The band released different platinum albums and got fans who added to their morale to keep pushing.

Garcia worked with the band for 30 years while taking up other side projects, such as working on other songs with other artists. Moreover, he was a songwriter, and this skill connected him with other artists.

Garcia had a successful career, and he invested his money in estates and other royalty programs. His death saw different parties, including his ex-wives, children, and partners, driving lawsuits to benefit from his wealth. Garcia died with a net worth of $15 million.