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Garrett Lawrence Schultz Biography and life history

Thanks to their loved ones, some people have found themselves in the limelight. Such a person is Garrett Lawrence Schultz, the son of Vicki Lawrence. The American actress, comedian and singer has been in the limelight, making her fans curious about her family.

Garrett is one of the two children born by Vicki and her husband, Al Schultz. Garrett was born in 1977, and despite his parents being in the entertainment industry for many years, it seems Garrett chose a different path, which gives him more privacy.

Garrett Lawrence Schultz’s Mother

Vicki Lawrence is a famed actress, singer and comedian. The celebrity is Garrett’s mother, alongside his sister, Courtney Schultz.

Vicki grew up in Inglewood, California, and attended Morningside High School, graduating in 1967. The celebrity had plans of becoming a dental hygienist, but that changed after she started appearing on The Carol Burnett Show. She joined UCLA, where she was doing a dental hygienist course, but switched to theatre arts.

Unfortunately, Vicki dropped out of college after two years and focused on her acting career, which was growing rapidly.

Vicki was also interested in music. While in high school, she auditioned to join The Young Americans music group, to which she succeeded. The group’s exposure benefitted her greatly, as she gained experience touring and performing at the Oscars.

How Garrett’s Mother Started Acting

Vicki was very active in her high school years, which helped her to penetrate the entertainment industry. While in her senior year, she auditioned for Miss Fireball of Inglewood for the local firefighter’s ball.

A local writer wrote about the contest, including about Vicki and how she resembled a young Carol Burnett. Vicki’s mother urged her to write a letter to Carol, which she did and included the article by the local writer.

Burnett received the letter, looked for Vicki’s father’s number and contacted him. Burnett promised to visit Miss Fireball, which she did, and she crowned her as Miss Fireball.

Burnett was looking for an actress to play her young sister on an upcoming show. She invited Vicki, and after a few auditions, she got the role and started acting at eighteen.

Vicki Laurence’s Career

Vicki’s rise to stardom began when she acted as Burnett’s young sister. She appeared for eleven seasons and remained on the show from 1967 to 1978. Besides Burnett herself, she was one of the cast members who remained on the show for many seasons.

Besides the show, Vicki had a significant role in The Family. The show was very successful, leading to many other seasons and movies.

The celebrity is also famous for hosting shows, leading to her prominence. She has hosted numerous shows for years, contributing to her net worth. One of the famous shows she hosted was Win, Lose or Draw, which she hosted for three years from 1987 to 1990.

Garrett Laurence Schultz’s Net Worth

Garrett is a person who has chosen a quiet lifestyle, unlike his parents. It is hard to find his career, making it even harder to determine his net worth. But his mother’s net worth is estimated at around $18 million.