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Karina Huffman-Birkhead – Dustin Huffman’s Daughter

When the name Karina Huffman-Birkhead is mentioned, many people only know her for being Dustin Huffman’s adopted child. Her father’s reputation as an actor, TV producer, voice actor, and film director made her a celebrity from a young age. Besides, Dustin Huffman has been known to enjoy being in the company of his children and grandchildren when attending film premieres. As such, Karina inevitably found herself in the limelight and if you want to learn more about her, this post shares the available information about her.

Biography of Karina Huffman-Birkhead

Karina was born in 1966, and her biological mother is Anne Bryne. Karina is the adopted daughter of Dustin Huffman following her mother’s marriage to Dustin, who decided to officially adopt Karina in 1969.

Karina’s mother was born on September 28, 1943 and holds American nationality. Her profession was acting, but she didn’t hit the limelight like Karina’s father. Anne Bryne was the mother of two children. Her firstborn is Karina Huffman-Birkhead, and her lastborn is Jenna Byrne, who was born on October 15, 1970.

Apart from her biological sister, Karina has other half-siblings. She has two sisters, Rebecca Huffman, born on May 17, 1983, and Alexandra Huffman, born on October 27, 1987. Additionally, she has two brothers, Max Huffman, born on August 30, 1984 and Jake Huffman, born on March 20, 1981.

Karina Huffman-Birkhead’s Personal Life

Karina Huffman-Birkhead doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight. However, her status as the adopted child of Dustin Huffman never leaves her. Karina got married to Simon Birkhead from 1992 to 1998 and the couple have a daughter whose name is unknown.

Although Karina tried to stay out of the spotlight, she was accused of stealing checks from her company in 1998. The checks were worth 5,000 Euros, and this incident infamously saw her hit the headlines.

Other details about her life, such as her education, career, work history, etc., have remained hidden. Following her separation from Simon Birkhead, it’s unknown whether Karina dated again or reunited with her ex-husband. Her character of staying private adds barriers to our efforts to dig deeper into her life.

Who is Karina Huffman-Birkhead’s Father?

Dustin Huffman, born August 8, 1937, is the father of Karina. He was born in Los Angeles and adopted Karina in 1969. Dustin is the child of Harry Huffman and Lilian. His father worked as a furniture salesman, and Dustin was brought up in a Jewish family.

Notably, Dustin was not the brightest in class. After graduating from Los Angeles High School, he joined Santa Monica City College, but bad grades pushed him to drop out. However, he had already started taking an acting class, and even after dropping out, he focused on growing his acting skills.

For his acting career, Karina’s father is reputable for taking on difficult roles. For instance, he played as a crippled street hustler in The Midnight Cowboy in 1969. You will also find him in other films such as Rain Main (1988), Tootsie (1982), etc.