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Makena Grace Burton – Biography and Parents

As with most celebrity kids, their popularity is tied to their parent’s fame. It’s no different for Makena Grace Burton. The young girl rose to fame after fans became eager and curious to know more about actor Steve Burton and his family. Being the daughter of Steve Burton pushed Makena to the limelight, and for anyone curious to learn more about Makena and her parents, this post shares everything you should know about them.

Who is Makena Grace Burton?

Makena Grace Burton is famous for her surname. Makena is the daughter of American actor Jack Stephen Burton. Her mother is Sheree Gustin, but her parents divorced in 2023. Makena was born on September 5, 2003.

Makena’s father became famous after he played Jason Morgan in the General Hospital show. Her parents married on January 16, 1999, and throughout their marriage, they welcomed three children: Jack Burton, Brooklyn Burton, and Makena Grace Burton.

As a celebrity kid, Makena has avoided social media for private reasons. Her parents preferred to keep the family away from the limelight, and even her siblings have little information available to the public.

Details about Makena’s educational background are unknown. As of 2024, She is turning 21 and is likely in her college year, but she hasn’t shared which institution she is studying at.

Career and Relationship

Considering that Makena Grace Burton hasn’t disclosed her career path and what course she is pursuing. As such, we can’t tell her career and whether she is making any income. With time, we hope to see what career Makena will take. As fans speculate that she might join the acting world like her father, we have yet to confirm this, and only time will tell.

As for her relationship status, Makena Grace Burton is assumed to be single. She is yet to confirm if she is dating. Knowing her relationship status is challenging, especially since Makena is inactive on social media.

As we watch her, any new information that comes up will be shared, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

Who are Makena Grace Burton’s Parents?

Makena’s parents are Sheree Gustin and Jack Stephen Burton. Although Makena’s mother is not widely known, her father has made a name for himself through his career.

Jack Stephen Burton, popularly known as “Stone Cold” Steve, was born on June 28, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a famous American actor whose popularity came after he voiced Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy. Moreover, his popularity is also for his role as Jason Morgan in the General Hospital show.

Additionally, he has won Emmy Awards for his acting roles in soap operas, especially in the General Hospital soap opera. However, he was fired from his role for refusing to comply with a guideline on Covid-19.

Jack graduated from Beverly Hills High School, and from there, he moved to Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to Hollywood, where he started his career. Although Makena’s parents separated, they co-parented in raising the children.