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Lisa Bonet’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, and Family

Lisa Bonet is a celebrity actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The San Francisco-born celebrity came into the limelight as an actress, and she has continued to feature in numerous shows, making herself rich.

Lisa Bonet’s name was known further in 2022 when she announced her separation from her husband, Jason Momoa. The couple, who did not dig deeper into the cause of their divorce, chose to co-parent their two children. Here are details of Lisa’s net worth.

Lisa Bonet’s Net Worth

Lisa Bonet is one of the richest actresses. CenelbityNetWorth estimates Lisa to have a net worth of $10 million. The actress’s net worth is due to her involvement in the entertainment industry.

The actress ‘s most notable role was in The Cosby Show. The show established Lisa as a seasoned actress, which opened more acting roles in the future. Although she departed the show later, she established a brand that earned him more opportunities.

Lisa Bonet’s Early Life and Career

Lisa grew up in California alongside several half-siblings. Lisa attended Birmingham High School and later joined Celluloid Acting Studio in North Hollywood.

Lisa started acting as a child, explaining how she identified her career path early in life. Lisa had several guest roles as a child and competed in various beauty shows.

In 1983, Lisa had a career breakthrough in St. Elsewhere. The following year, she appeared in a guest role on The Cosby Show, and little did she know it would be a recurring role.

Despite the show becoming a huge success, reports surfaced that Bonet was not getting along with Bill Cosby, significantly as she grew older. She eventually left the show and did not appear in the last two seasons.

While Bonet left The Cosby Show, she grew even more famous and generated considerable fans. Lisa went on to host a voting show in 1992 and appeared in several films in the following years.

Lisa Bonet’s Family

Lisa Bonet started a family at a young age. When she was twenty, she married musician Lenny Kravitz and welcomed their daughter Zoe a year later. Their daughter eventually followed in her parents’ career, becoming an actress, singer and model.

Unfortunately, Lisa and Kravitz divorced in 1993 after six years of marriage.

Lisa met Jason Momoa later, and they started dating in 2005. The couple had a long-term relationship, which resulted in two children. Jason and Lisa walked down the aisle in 2017 and made their relationship official.

In 2022, the couple revealed they were divorcing and cited irreconcilable differences. In the divorce filing, Lisa asked that no spousal support be awarded to any party.

But still, the actress wanted joint custody of their children. In a statement regarding the divorce, Lisa and Jason revealed irreconcilable differences.

But, they expressed their devotion to continuing to shower their children with love through joint parenting.