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Bio, Net Worth, and Career of Margie Washichek, Jimmy Buffet’s Ex-Wife

Jimmy Buffet was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. His early marriage to Margie Washichek has continued to make Margie famous despite only lasting for a few years. Since her marriage ended in 1972, Margie’s life has been off the media.

While it is clear that she had no children with the famed singer and actor, it remains unknown if she went on to remarry and have children. Here is all we know about Jimmy Buffet’s first wife.



Margie Washichek is a quiet personality who is best known for her prior marriage to Jimmy Buffet. Besides growing up in Pascagoula, Mississippi, there are no records of her birth details or siblings.

Margie is an ex-celebrity wife who has secured her life with utmost care. There are no records of her education or career. The only thing about her is that she was briefly married to Jimmy Buffet before they divorced for unknown reasons.

Career and Net Worth

Margie Washichek’s career remains out of the limelight. While many sources believe that she was a housewife during her marriage to singer Buffett, it is unclear what career she pursued after the divorce.

As a result of a lack of information on her career, it has proved difficult to estimate her net worth. But, talking about her ex-husband, he died a billionaire. He was once one of the richest musicians with a net worth of $1 billion.

Who Was Margie Washichek’s Ex-Husband?

Jimmy Buffet a renowned actor and singer was the ex-husband of Margie. The duo married in 1969 and they stayed as husband and wife for three years. They divorced in 1972, due to unknown reasons.

It remains unknown how Margie and Buffet met. moreover, during their three-year marriage, they did not have any children. While Buffet moved on and remarried, Margie’s life remains out of the limelight.

Jimmy Buffet’s Early Life and Career

Jimmy Buffet was born on December 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He spent his childhood in Mobile, Alabama where his parents worked. Jimmy was the eldest in a family of three siblings.

Buffet grew up exposed to sailing. His grandfather was a steamship Captain while his father was a marine engineer and sailor. Growing up in such a home, enabled Buffet to experience the life of the sea, which later shaped his career as a singer.

Buffet’s calling into music began in 1961 after he watched a folk music performance. A month after the performance, he played the guitar and undertook his first performance. While in high school he was part of the band, where he played the trombone.

Buffet began singing after he graduated from high school. He would perform in clubs and streets in New Orleans, as he looked forward to growing an audience. His first album sold 324 copies, but that did not prevent him from putting in more effort.

Over the coming years, he signed deals with numerous records, where he released numerous albums. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2024. He remains known for his musical styles which combined rock, folk, pop, and calypso music.