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Mah-Jing Wong’s Net Worth, Family, Career and Early Life

Mah-Jing Wang is a fashion designer who grabbed the public attention after he competed in Project Runway season 15. Mah-Jing’s name has confused many people, especially since he is a black American with a Chinese name.

During Project Runaway’s premiering, the fashion designer surprised many fans with his unique name, which led to many more questions than answers. So, what is Mah-Jing’s real name and net worth? If you want answers to the questions and more details about the fashion designer, keep reading!

Who is Mah-Jing Wong?

Mah-Jing Wong came into the limelight after he competed in Project Runway season fifteen. The fashion designer grabbed attention with his unique designs, although he did not win the season, as he was eliminated in episode 8.

The black fashion designer has been in the industry for many years, thanks to his early realization of what he wanted. Wong learned he could design by observing his grandmother, who taught and encouraged him the art.

As early as 11, Mah Jing started to hand-sew clothes and create patterns from cutting weekly newspapers.

What is Mah-Jing’s Real Name?

Mah-Jing Wong is the real name of the fashion designer. While his black appearance may confuse many, he confirmed that he was named Mah-Jing Wong after his great-grandfather.

Mah-Jing’s father is of Chinese descent, and it is no wonder he enjoys a Chinese name despite being American. The fashion designer who confirmed the name was his real one confirmed that it was an attention grabber, so he chose it for his business.

Mah-Jing’s Net Worth

Mah-Jing is the founder of Mah-Jing Wong Company, a fashion designing company. According to some sources, the fashion designer has a net worth of $5 million thanks to his business, which he has been operating and collaborating with big names.

Before Wong launched the brand, he worked with Zac Posen, who encouraged him to start his own business. Mah-Jing Wong’s net worth continues to grow thanks to his collaborations with singers like Card B, Mega Thee Stallion, and others.

Mah-Jing’s Early Life

Mah-Jing Wong’s early life remains unknown. Despite being a known fashion designer, much of his information is unknown besides his brand.

However, Mah-Jing must have had an exciting childhood because his mother was a hip-hop star who released a few albums in the 1990s and early 2000s.

While details about Mah-Jing’s early education remain unknown, he joined the Arts Institute of Philadelphia and earned a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing. During his time at the institution, Wong started working with top designers like Zac Posen.

Mah-Jing Wong’s Time in Project Runway

Mah-Jing Wong was privileged to be part of Project Runway, a reality fashion show showcasing his fashion design talent.

The show ran for many episodes, and Wong survived many of the episodes, getting eliminated in episode 8. He finished among the top six fashion designers, making his brand known even more. During the show, Mah-Jing’s mother, Bahamadia, appears to support her son.