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Linda Susan Agar Biography and life history

Linda Susan Agar is an old woman from America who herself has not made big efforts to earn recognition in the world but she is still getting it and enjoying it. Do you know why? Because her parents were renowned actors. The mother of Linda Susan Agar, Shirley Temple, was a household name in the American film industry during her time.

Today, let us unwrap the details about the personal life of Linda Susan Agar including her early life, family, siblings, education, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

Born on 30th January 1948 in Santa Monica, California, USA, Linda Susan Agar is 75 years 75-year-old American celebrity daughter. This is all you can get about the early life of Linda Susan Agar. Moving on to the love life of Linda Susan Agar, she has not revealed any information regarding this. With the fact that she is already 75 years old, we obviously can’t expect her to get married in the future. Today, she would be a married woman if she was fortunate enough to find love and her life. Whether or not Linda Susan Agar is alive today is also not known.

Parents and siblings

Linda Susan Agar is the only daughter of her parents, Shirley Temple and John Agar, who got married in 1945 and could remain together for only 5 years before getting divorced in 1950. After that, the mother of Linda Susan Agar got married the same year itself. If you talk about the professions, both of them were actors. Her mother was multi-talented and was active in different professions like singing and dancing as well other than just acting.

As for siblings of Linda Susan Agar, she does not have any siblings but she has a couple of step-siblings and their names are Charles Alden Black Jr., Lori Black, John G. Agar III, and Martin Agar.


Since no information is available about the personal life of Linda Susan Agar, it is not known whether she has any kids or not.

Education and profession 

Not only the personal life details but Linda Susan Agar has not bothered to reveal any information about her education as well as profession. Considering the family background of Linda Susan Agar, we can say that Linda Susan Agar must have received a good education and her profession would have also been prestigious. Since is already 75 years old, we think she would have retired from her professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Linda Susan Agar

The only reason for the popularity of Linda Susan Agar is her parents, especially her mother, Shirley Temple, who was tremendously successful in her professional career and achieved giant name and fame in the world.

Net worth of Linda Susan Agar 

Since not at all any information is available about the profession and earnings of Linda Susan Agar, it is not easy to figure out his net worth. If you are interested to find out the net worth of actress mother, Shirley Temple, she had a whopping $30 million when she died in 2014.


Though Linda Susan Agar is getting the stardom and publicity of her parents, she is living her life peacefully maintaining her privacy.