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Who is Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa? Education, Career, Net Worth and Family

Lorenzo Valentino Figueroa is a celebrity child who has remained in the limelight thanks to his father’s relationship. On March 4, 2023, Lorenzo came into the limelight after he was captured making great dance moves with his cousin.

Present at the wedding was Lorenzo’s father, and they could not help but post the great news of the union.

Lorenzo’s Biography

Lorenzo is Chayanne’s eldest child, born on August 14, 1997. Lorenzo’s younger sister, Isadora Sofia Figuera, is a musician who has embraced the entertainment sector like their father, Chayanne.

While Lorenzon hinted that his younger cousin was getting married, he has not yet revealed about his marriage plans.

Education and Career

Lorenzo’s education is not known clearly. However, he graduated with a degree in economics during the pandemic and started his business alongside a few friends.

Stamos Bien streetwear brand is the company launched by Lorenzo during the pandemic. The young entrepreneur revealed that he had just graduated from college and wanted to do something. Lorenzo partnered with two friends, and that is how the clothing line started to operate.

Lorenzo has continued to hone his skills as a designer, even appearing on New York Fashion Week to showcase his brand. Although Lorenzo’s father is not in the same industry, he takes advice from him.

Moreover, Lorenzo’s father has been a musician for over four decades, explaining why he listens to him when deciding what people will love.

Away from his business, Lorenzo is an adventurer, who loves snowboarding and skydiving. Moreover, when he is away from work, he loves to go out with friends and party.

While Liorenzo’s company is leveraging his father’s popularity, it is yet to tell the amount of net worth he has accrued so far.

Who are Lorenzo’s Parents

Marilisa Moronesse and Chayanne are Lorenzo’s parents. While Lorenzo’s father is a celebrated musician who has been in the industry for over four decades, his mother is known as the biggest support system of the celebrity.

Besides being a celebrity wife, little is known about Lorenzo’s mother. She has kept a low profile and loves to enjoy her privacy as much as possible.

Chayanne and his wife met in 1988 when she was competing as Miss Venezuela. Chayanne had been invited to entertain in the show, and after the first encounter, love sparked quickly between the duo.

After dating for a few years, Lorenzo’s parents organized a private wedding ceremony where they exchanged vows. They have been together since their wedding, making the list of the longest-lasting couples in the entertainment sector.

Besides Lorenzo’s mother being a celebrity wife, she was a model and a famous lawyer. Marilisa left modelling after her marriage, and since then, she has been a lawyer after graduating from the university of Venezuela.

Clearly, Marilisa is not only a beauty but she has brains too. Despite her hard work as a lawyer, her two children have chosen different career paths. Regardless of that, Lorenzo’s mother is proud of her children, who have begun establishing their presence in their chosen fields.