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What Was Mike Howe’s Net Worth?

The late Mike Howe remains one of the most celebrated singers, remembered for his great impact on the music industry. The late singer was a Metal Church, Herectic, and Hellion member for a while.

Mike Howe’s singing presence was felt more with the Metal Church. He sang in the band from 1988 to 19997 before venturing into other activities. However, the singer rejoined Metal Church in 2015 and stayed with the group until his death.

Who is Mike Howe?

Mike Howe became famous as a singer of Metal Church. Mike was born on August 21, 1965, but details regarding his birthplace and parents are unknown.

Mike realized he would sing from an early age, and thus, he ventured into a music career. His first band was Hellion, based in Detroit, and later joined Heretic, formed in 1986. The late singer stayed with the band until 1988, when it released its first album.

Around the same time, Mike departed from Heretic and joined Metal Church, where he would spend the next decade.

Mike Howe’s Career

Mike Howe spent many years in the music industry, but that was not his only career. After he departed from Meta Church, Howe had a full-time career as a carpenter. In the mid-2010s, when the band was rejoining, Mike refused the offer of rejoining it, although he rejoined later.

Mike’s career as a musician was growing well when he was with Metal Church. Although he did not spend many years in the band, the five albums he recorded with the band performed well, signaling the impact that Howe brought to the team.

His career as a singer was major with bands, and he did little gigs outside of working with the bands. Since 1998 to 2015, Howe was a full-time carpenter, as he stayed close to his family.

Mike Howe’s Net Worth

Mike Howe’s net worth was estimated at $1.5 million at his death. The singer spent many years as a singer and carpenter, explaining how he managed to earn his net worth. Despite taking a break from singing, his comeback years between 2015 and 2021 were spent in Metal Band.

Moreover, although the singer released five albums with Metal Church, only two made it to the Billboard 200.

Why Did Mike Howe Depart from Metal Church?

In a 2017 Interview on why the singer left Metal Church in 1996, Mike stated that it was best he left the boat before it sank.

The late singer revealed unresolved managerial and record company issues put the band in a situation he never liked. The singer felt the team was ruining the band business-wise, leaving him with the only choice of leaving before it was too late.

How Did Mike Howe Die?

Mike Howe died in July 2021. The Metal Church band announced the singer’s demise through its Facebook page. The band confirmed Mike died at his home, and the cause of death was ruled as suicide.

Mike Howe was a father of two sons born in 19997 and 2002, although their details remain unknown.