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NF’s Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

NF is mainly known for being a professional rapper hailing from the USA. He is also a singer and songwriter and, if you want to learn more about NF, this post has you covered. We will begin by discussing his early life to understand more about NF.

Next, we will talk about his career and conclude with his net worth. Hopefully, any questions you have about NF will be addressed by the end of this post.

Who is NF?

Describing him based on his profession, NF is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer. He was born in March 1991, in Gladwin, Michigan. NF’s birth name is Nathan John Feuerstein and he opted to use NF for his profession.

NF was raised alongside his two sisters but his parents divorced while he was a young boy. The divorce made NF and his sisters to live with their mother. Unfortunately, his mother was addicted to opioid and this affected her relationship with her son at a later date.

While NF was in high school, he felt that his mother’s drug abuse made him uncomfortable, and he sought to break contact with her. The matter caught the attention of the court and a social worker was selected to monitor the relationship and conversation between NF and his mother. NF’s mother died in 2009 following a drug overdose.


NF’s Career

NF is a decorated rapper and singer, but that’s not how his career started. He began his music career in 2010 when he released his debut album “Moments.” He released it under the name Nathan John Feuerstein.

Luckily, his album was noticed and NF was approached by the ‘Xist Music’ recording label. The meetup soon led to NF signing a recording label in 2012, a huge boost for his career. Over the next years, NF worked on releasing a few singles, including “Wake Up” and “Beautiful Addiction” that went to become #12 on Billboard Christian Albums.

NF focused on Christian rap songs and did an excellent job in releasing music that moved the crowd, passed the intended message, and earned him a reputation. In 2016, he also released the “warm Up” non-album single and in 2017, he released “Outro” and “Green Light” singles and both were part of his third album.

NF’s Net Worth

Over the years, NF managed to create successful albums and non-album singles that have given him admirable returns. Without accounting for any business ventures that NF is engaged in, his career earnings alone have given him a net worth of $6 million as of 2024.

He has managed to release songs that have a global audience and ranked on different platforms. For instance, his “Let You Down” came position 1 on the US Christian Chart. With such success in his songs, it’s inevitable for NF to earn desirable returns that are adequate to sustain his lifestyle.

NF is still young and his career has room for further growth. We will watch for new music, more earnings, and other deals to ensure we update his net worth.