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Pressley Kiffin Biography and life history

Pressley Kiffin is taking after his parents and joining the celebrity space. Although she is already a celebrity daughter, she is determined to create a career and push herself further into the limelight. Pressley is the daughter of Layla Kiffin and Lane Kiffin. What do you know about Pressley or her parents? This post will share more insights. Stick around!

Biography of Pressley Kiffin

As mentioned, Pressley is the daughter of Lane Kiffin and Layla Kiffin. She was born in 2007, but we don’t have her exact birth date. Pressley has two siblings. Landry Kiffin is her elder sister, and she was born in 2005. Monte Knox Kiffin is her younger brother, who was born in 2010.

Pressley’s mother is a celebrity ex-wife of Lane Kiffin. Her ex-husband is a decorated American football coach, and it’s because of his popularity that Pressley became a celebrity kid.

Pressley joined the University of Southern California, and one notable fact is that she is following in her father’s footsteps by joining the volleyball team. Her father was once a coach at the university, and Pressley hopes to keep her father’s momentum at the institution.

Pressley is active on social media and has over 40k followers on her TikTok account. She enjoys the limelight, and even though she hardly shares her personal information, you can follow her on her TikTok and learn more about her.

Pressley Kiffin’s Career and Net Worth

The celebrity kid has yet to discover what career path to take. Only time will tell whether she chooses to follow in her father’s or mother’s footsteps. Considering that she currently has no career that earns her income, we can’t estimate her net worth.

Besides, she hasn’t shared any information on other areas where she gets income. Luckily for her, her parents’ wealth is enough to cater to her needs. Her father has made a lucrative career, while her mother has also achieved a lot. Her parents are divorced but co-parenting. Thus, Pressley is warmed by their wealth and providence.

Pressley Kifin’s Father

Lane Monet Kiffin is the father of Pressley Kiffin. He is an American football coach who was born on May 9, 1975. His main reputation is attributed to his role as the head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels. Lane Kiffin has held numerous coaching roles.

He has served as the head coach for the Oakland Raiders National Football League and the football team of the University of Tennessee. Lane Kiffin grew from a football player to become a reputable coach for different teams. His success over the years is attributed to his determination, and he has earned much from his career.

Although the exact figure of his net worth is unclear, Lane Kiffin earns millions from his annual salary.

Pressley Kiffin’s Mother

Layla Kiffin is famous for being Lane Kiffin’s ex-wife. She is a celebrity ex-wife, and since her separation from Lane, she hasn’t updated her relationship status. Lane has a net worth of $250k as of 2024.