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Richard Gere’s Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Richard Gere is a successful actor, film producer, and musician. Richard has worked diligently in the entertainment industry, and his efforts have paid off. He is a celebrity and has been nominated for numerous awards. If Richard Gere is a new name to you, this post will share more information about his early life, career, net worth, and investments. Stick around!

Who is Richard Gere?

Over the years, Richard Gere has raised the bars in Hollywood. He is a versatile actor born on August 31, 1949. Richard was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Doris Ann and George Gere. His mother was a housewife, while his father was an insurance agent.

Growing up, Richard attended North Syracuse Central High School. During his high school years, he was passionate about music, gymnastics, and trumpet. He then joined the University of Massachusetts, courtesy of a gymnastics scholarship. At University, Richard majored in Philosophy. However, he dropped out two years later.

Talking about his personal life, Richard has been in different marriages. He first married Cindy Crawford in 1991 but separated in 1995. He then dated Penelope Milford from 1971 to 1978. In the mid-80s, Richard also dated Kim Basinger and Priscilla Presley.

Richard then married Cary Lowell in 2002, but they have a son born in 2000. Cary and Richard divorced in 2013, and the divorce was finalized in 2016. He then married Alejandra Silva in 2018, and they welcomed their son in February 2019. No news regarding a separation has been shared. Thus, the couple is still together and raising their son.

Richard Gere’s Career

At a young age, Richard showed interest in plays. However, he didn’t take acting seriously, and he also went in professionally in 1969. His first acting was at the Seattle Repertory Theater, but he got his major theater role in 1973.

Notably, Richard was the first Hollywood actor to appear as a homosexual character. He expressed this character in 1979 when he appeared as a Holocaust victim. It was through this role that Richard bagged his first Theater World Award.

Richard was involved in numerous small films in the ’70s and ’80s, and it’s through them that he hit the mainstream. His main hit was in the American Gigolo film in 1980. He has appeared in films that have grossed $130 million, adding to his reputation.

Besides, Richard has been nominated for several awards and earned a few of them, such as a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Richard Gere’s Net Worth and Investments

Richard has been in the industry for decades. His long time has earned him much income, especially after he became a big name in the acting industry. His net worth is $120 million, and real estate is one of his investment ventures.

A good example is a $6.9 million home that he acquired in New York in 2005 and renovated in the following years before selling it in 2013 for $36.5 million. Richard owns other properties and homes in different places, including an apartment in New York City.