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Shoshanna Handler Biography and life history

Shoshanna Handler is a business owner from America who is best recognized for being the older sister of American comedian and actress, Chelsea Handler. Shoshanna Handler shares a good bond with her actress sister and is often spotted with her. You already know a lot about her actress sister, so today let’s talk about Shoshanna Handler.

Here, we will discuss the life details of Shoshanna Handler including her childhood, family, children, love life, parents, education, profession, source of earnings, net worth, and other such details.

Personal life

The exact birth details of Shoshanna Handler are not known. Since she is older than her actress sister, Chelsea Handler, who is 48 years old today, we can say Shoshanna Handler must be around at least 50 years old right now. She is an American by nationality and was raised in a family of Reform Judaism. Her mother, Rita, was a Mormon and her father, Seymour Handler, was a Jewish.

If you talk about the love life of Shoshanna Handler, she has not revealed any details regarding the same. Considering her age, we assume that Shoshanna Handler must have gotten married. However, no confirmed information is available about the life partner of Shoshanna Handler.

Parents and siblings

Shoshanna Handler is one of 6 children of her homemaker and car dealer parents, Rita and Seymour Handler. The professional lives of her parents were not so good while nothing is known about their personal lives. As for the siblings of Shoshanna Handler, she has 5 siblings and her actress sister Chelsea Handler is the most popular one. The names of her all 5 siblings are  Chelsea Handler, Chet Handler, Simone Handler-Hutchinson, Glen Handler, and Roy Handler.


Although nothing is known about the love life of Shoshanna Handler, she is the proud mother of two lovely kids. She herself has mentioned this in her Instagram bio.

Education and profession

It’s not only the personal life of Shoshanna Handler that is hidden from the public but she has not dropped any details regarding her educational background as well. Considering the family background of Shoshanna Handler we hope that Shoshanna Handler might not have received a top-level education in her life because her parents were not so rich. However, Shoshanna Handler herself has achieved big in her career and today owns a successful mobile ear piercing business.

Reason for the popularity of Shoshanna Handler

No doubt Shoshanna Handler herself is tremendously successful in her professional career but the thing that makes Shoshanna Handler popular is the stardom of her actress sister, Chelsea Handler..

Net worth of Shoshanna Handler

As we already know, Shoshanna Handler is a business owner and is quite successful in her business as well, it won’t be wrong to assume that she must be earning a good amount of money. However, the gorgeous lady preferred to keep the exact numbers of her net worth to herself only.


The sister of Shoshanna Handler is active in the showbiz industry but Shoshanna Handler herself is not at all interested in all this. She is completely focused on her business.