Yonden Trainor Celebrity Kid Life Yonden Trainor Celebrity Kid Life

Yonden Trainor Celebrity Kid Life

Yonden Trainor is the brother of Tensing Train, a Hollywood actor. Read further to know a little more about the life of this celebrity sibling and discover the reason behind their fame.

Personal Life

Yonden Trainor was born on April 2nd, 2006 in Florida. He is of Indian Bengali and Pashto descent as his father is from Jammu Kashmir, India and his mother is from a Bengali family in Darjeeling, India. He was born to Deki Norgay and Clark Trainor. He has two brothers, Kalden Trainor and Tenzing Trainor.

Yonden comes from a very reputable family, his grandfather is none other than Tenzing Norgay, one of the first to scale Mount Everest.

His brother Tenzing Trainor

Tenzing Trainor was born on September 4th 2001. He is of Indian Pashto and Bengali descent. He has two brothers, Yonden Trainor and Kalden Trainor. Tenzing is best known for his role as Parker Rooney in the Disney television series Liv and Maddie.  He began his acting career in 2012 with the movie The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone. He has acted in other well known movies and TV shows such as

  • Bits and Pieces
  • Good Luck Charlie
  • Jessie
  • The Jadagrace Show
  • Stevie TV
  • Freeridge
  • Boo, Bitch
  • Modern Family

His grandfather Tenzing Norgay

Tenzing Norgay is an Indian Nepalese sherpa mountaineer who was one of the first people to climb Mount Everest along with Edmund Hillary in 1953. Tenzing was born in May 1914 in Tibet. He was born to Ghang La Mingma and his mother was Dokmo Kinzom, the couple had 13 children out of which Tenzing was the 11th child.

Tenzing Norgay was married thrice all throughout his life, his first wife died young. He has three children from his first marriage, two daughters and a son. Out of which, one of his daughters, Pem Pem’s son is a Sherpa mountaineer himself today. He married the cousin of his first wife with whom she had no children. Much later he married Dakku with whom he had three sons and a daughter. His daughter Deki is the mother of Yonden Trainor.

Norgay first attempted to climb Mount Everest at the age of 20, when he received an opportunity to take up the 1935 British Mount Everest renaissance expedition. Much later, in 1953 an expedition led by Colonel John Hunt brought him success in climbing Mount Everest.

Tenzing Norgay’s Death

Tenzing Norgay died on the 9th May 1986 in Darjeeling due to cerebral hemorrhage. He is now survived by his nephews, daughters, sons and grandchildren.

Facts about Yonden Trainor’s Family

  • Yonden’s older brother is named after his grandfather Tenzing Norgauy.
  • Yonden’s cousin Tashi Tenzing is a well-known sherpa mountaineer in India.
  • Yonden’s father Clark Trainor is a lawyer by profession.
  • Yonden’s uncle Nawang Gombu is the first ever man to climb Mount Everest twice.
  • Yonden’smaternal uncle Jamling scaled Mount Everest in 2003 with Peter Hillary, the son of Edmund Hillary on the 50th anniversary of their father, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s expedition.


Yonden is a celebrity sibling who lives a life away from media glare. He is a young child who is yet to embark on a different professional journey of life. One can only hope he becomes an individual as successful as his brother and his grandfather.