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Alisa Mote’s Early Life, Career, Family and Net Worth

Alisa Mote is one of the few people who find themselves in the limelight as a result of their prior relationship with celebrities. Alisa and Kye Keller were married for two years before their split because of infidelity issues.

The street racer Kye Keller has been in the limelight because of his career, which has also influenced Alisa’s fame. While Alisa and Kye divorced, they are proud parents of their daughter, who has continued to brighten Alisa’s life.

Where did Alisa Grow Up?

Alisa Mote grew up in Gills Burg, Mississippi, where he was born on February 18, 1992. While the identity of her father is unknown, her mother is called Brenda Martin.

Alisa grew up alongside her two siblings, Crystal Simmons and John Daniel Mote, who have kept a low-key life. Alisa attended Parklane Academy for her education before she joined Walden University to pursue a career in nursing.

Is Alisa Mote Married?

Alisa Mote came into the limelight for her marriage to Kye Kelley, a famous street racer. Alisa’s dating credentials are not known, although she was engaged to the street racer on March 21, 2014. The duo exchanged their wedding vows in August 2015, and their marriage life began on a happy note.

Unfortunately, in 2017, Alisa’s marriage to Key hit the rocks. They had barely celebrated their daughter Kenadeigh’s first birthday, but they chose to divorce either way. Although the couple had never talked about the reason behind their divorce, speculations started going around.

According to people’s views, Kye’s relationship with a fellow racer, Lizzy Musi, might have contributed to Alisa’s divorce. It seems Kye had started having a relationship with Lizzy even before he officiated his divorce.

As soon as the divorce was finalized, Kye was seenn around with Lizzy, confirming people’s suspicion. While Alisa’s ex-husband has wedded a new wife, Alisa has not yet revealed her dating life.

Alisa seems dedicated to her nursing career while she enjoys showcasing her life with her daughter. She has moved on and has never been interested in giving a public statement regarding life with her ex-husband.

Alisa Mote’s Career

Alisa Mote is a practising nurse who has been in the industry for a few years. He graduated from Walden University and landed a job with North Oaks Health System in Hammond. Alisa has been practising in the hospital since then as a flex-ability nurse.

While it is unclear if she has a second job, she seems dedicated to sharing with learners in a classroom. Her social media features numerous photos from Mount Pleasant Elementary School, but it is unclear if she is a teacher at the school.

Who is Alisa Mote’s Ex-Husband?

Kye Keller is a famous Street Outlaws star and the ex-husband of Alisa Mote. Kye remains a loved star thanks to his racing skills, which have put him in the limelight. When Kye debuted on Street Outlaws, he was married to Alisa Mote.

However, since then, Kye has moved on with Lizzy Muis, a fellow street racer. Lizzy Musi revealed in 2023 that she had said yes to Kye’s marriage proposal. According to the duo’s website, their wedding was dated November 19, 2023.