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Karma Drayton’s Siblings, Career, Family, and Net Worth

Karma Drayton is a celebrity child who has been in the limelight thanks to his father, Flavor Flav’s dramas. Krama’s father has been in the limelight due to his career and many legal issues which have put him in problems with friends and family.

Karma was born in 2007, and he is not the only child in his family. Despite Karma’s parents living together for over a decade, they became the talk of the town after Flav was jailed for a felony and threatened to attack Karma’s half-brother.

It is unclear if the relationship ended, but since then, Karma’s father has welcomed another child, Jordan, who was born in 2019 but only knew about him in 2021.

Who are Karma’s Siblings?

While Karma is known to have seven siblings from his father’s side, he has other siblings from his mother’s side. While it is unclear how many siblings Karma has from his mother’s side, his elder brother Gibran is one of them.

Kayla and Karren are one of the eldest siblings of Karma. The two were born during Flav’s first marriage, but they have preferred a low-key life away from the limelight. Kayla keeps her Instagram private, while her sister Karren has only one post on her account.

Shanique is Karma’s other sibling, and she is the oldest child of Flav. While Shanique has maintained a presence on social media, she focuses on her fitness journey, as seen on her account. In 2021, Karma’s sister Shanique announced her engagement.

Dazyna is the other sister of Karma. While little is known about Karma’s elder siblings, Dazyna is different. During season 1 of Growing Up, the celebrity daughter confronted her father about his absence in her early life.

Dazyna revealed that half the time during her early years, she had no fun. She had to deal with bullies and fighting, which resulted in many bumps and bruises. Additionally, Dazyna confronted her father about not paying child support besides being absent.

Despite the early childhood chaos she had to endure, Karma’s sister now enjoys a healthy relationship with her father. Currently, she describes herself as an event host and brand ambassador.

Quanah Drayton is Karma’s brother. Like Dazyna, Quanah made it to Growing Up Hip Hop, which illuminated more about his life. Quanah has followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming an artist under the stage name H2Flee.

Karma’s other brother is William. He has a low presence on social media but frequently posts about his father and family. He seems to be a podcast host, although he hasn’t mentioned the name of the podcast.

Jordan, born in 2019, is the youngest son of Karma’s father. Flav did not know about his son, until when he was three years old. At the time, Flav was 60 years old, and he stated that he had started paying child support for Jordan, whom he sired with his manager, Kate Gammell.

What is Karma Drayton’s Net Worth

Karma is yet to start a career, which means he does not have a net worth yet. But his father is estimated at $2 million as of 2024. Flavour’s father has a career as a rapper and reality TV star, which has contributed to his net worth.