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Lesa Hammett’s Biography, Net Worth, and Family

Marrying a celebrity will inevitably push you to the spotlight, and it’s no surprise when fans become curious to know more about you. For Lesa Hammett, that’s the actual situation he has. He is the husband of American actress Maile Flanagan. We aim to share what we know about the celebrity spouse, and hopefully, this post will clear any doubts you have as you learn about Lesa Hammett and his wife. Let’s begin!

Meet Lesa Hammett

Lesa Hammett is not a popular name, and many people only heard the name after Lesa Hammett married Maile Flanagan. Lesa’s wife is an American actress and it’s through her spotlight that Lesa Hammett is now becoming a popular name.

Unfortunately, Lesa Hammett is not interested in enjoying the spotlight as most people in his position would do. Lesa prefers having a private life and so far, he has managed to obtain it. Details about his life are unavailable. We don’t know his birth date or any information on his background.

Lesa’s parents are unknown and even details about his siblings remain private. Even for his career, aside from being a celebrity spouse, we have no facts on what career path he is taking or where he is working. Nonetheless, we are still searching, and when things go public, we will update the post to keep you informed.

Who is Lesa Hammett’s Wife?

Maile Flanagan, born on May 19, 1965, is the spouse of Lesa Hammett. Maile was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Maile spent time living in different areas, including Bangkok, Nurnberg, and Munich. She then moved to Boston College.

Notably, Lesa Hammert’s wife is an American actress and comedian. She is widely known for her role being the voice of Naruto Uzumaki, in the Naruto franchise. Maile’s father worked as a U.S. military intelligence.

Maile’s family moved to Bangkok after her father was stationed at the place in 1969. However, when Maile was ten years old, the family moved to Germany.

Career and Education Background of Maile Flanagan

Maile has studied at different institutions. She first graduated from Munich America High School in 1983. Afterwards, she graduated from Boston College in 1987. At Boston College, she obtained a degree in political science.

Maile relocated to Minneapolis, where she worked in theater while also focusing on her stand-up comedy. She started her comedy under the Every Mother’s Nightmare comedy troupe. She was working with other reputable actors such as Tom McCarthy and Wayne Wilderson.

Maile then moved to Los Angeles in 1996 under the production of The Bad Seed. The film won the Best Comedy Ensemble at the LA Weekly Theater Award. As a voice actor, Maile won her first major role in the Piggley Winks film. Through it, Maile was nominated for an Annie Award in 2005. In the same year, that’s when she got the role of a voice actor for the Naruto franchise.

Maile has voiced the character throughout the franchise and made her reputation as a voice actor through the franchise. She is a popular actor, and her celebrity status is what introduced Lesa Hammett to the world.