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Who is Efrem Zimbalist III? All About Efrem Zimbalist Jr’s Son

Efrem Zimbalist III has remained in the limelight for many years due to his excellent skills in running profitable companies. Besides his skills in founding and running companies, Efrem’s father and half-sister have been in the entertainment industry for many years, making their names known.

Efrem, famous as Skip, stands out as a dynamic entrepreneur shaped by his family. His grandfather, Efrem Zimbalist Sr, holds a world record as one of the greatest violinists. Additionally, His paternal grandmother, Alma Gluck, made a record as the first musician to sell a million records in history.

The entrepreneur has lived in a homestead of seasoned entertainers. While his grandparents were great violinists and musicians, his father was an established Hollywood actor. Despite Efrem Skip choosing a different career than his father and grandparents, he has established his name as a seasoned entrepreneur who has held notable roles.

Also, he spends some of his time sharing his life lessons and what he has learned from established people in various careers. Also, he held an educational career at Havard, before he ventured into running companies.

Why is Efrem Zimbalist III Famous?

Efrem has been in the limelight thanks to his career and his parents’ careers. His father was a seasoned actor who featured in various films, including series like 77 Sunset Strip, The F.B.I and Alfred Pennyworth, among others.

While Efrem did not follow in his father in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, he chose a different path, becoming successful at it. On the other hand, his sister, Stephanie Zimbalist, has established a name for herself as a famous actress.

Efrem’s paternal grandparents toured the world for a lifetime and broke the history records when they became the first ones to sell over a million records. Efrem’s family has continued to make a name for themselves in the acting sector.


Mr. Zimbalist has established himself as a seasoned entrepreneur and held various roles. He was the Chief Financial Advisor of Times Mirror, a famous company that has published various brands like the New York Times, and other established newspapers.

Besides the role, he served as the chairman and C.E.O. of Times Mirror Magazines, a company which was leading in sports publishing.

Who is Efrem Zimbalist II’s Wife?

Besides a successful career in established brands, Efrem is a proud husband, father and grandfather. He is married to Paula DeVocht whom he shares four children and four grandchildren. While details of their relationship remain unknown, the couple have been married for many years.

Skip’s Early Life

Skip is the second child of Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Emily Munroe. Skips’ parents exchanged vows in 1941, and they welcomed Skip six years later after his elder sister, Nancy, who died in 2012.

Efrem’s mother died in 1950 of cancer when he was three years old. Efrem Jr continued caring for his children until 1956, when he married his second wife, Loranda Stephanie Spalding. Efrem’s father had a third child, Stephanie Zimbalist, a famous actress.

Over the years, Skip has continued to tell the tales of his early life. His grandfather was alive during World War II, and Efrem has continued to narrate the tales.