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Barbara Eden’s Net Worth: Is She Very Wealthy?

Barbara Eden is an actress who brought the genie Jeannie to life. How much has the net worth of this Hollywood legend grown over time? The estimated net worth and background story of this beloved star are below.

Background and Education

Born Barbara Jean Morehead in Tucson, Arizona in 1931, Eden began to paint early. She sang in the church choir and local bands as a teen. This led her to San Francisco and the San Francisco Conservatory of music.

Eden had ambitions beyond the stage though. Attracted to acting, she attended the Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre. Information about her earlier education is unavailable at this time. However, we believe she must have attended goods in her early years.

Family Life: Navigating Love and Loss

Eden has a private life of love, marriage and motherhood. She subsequently married three times – first in 1958 to actor Michael Ansara. Their son Matthew Michael Ansara arrived in 1965 but died of a drug overdose in 2001. This tragedy certainly affected Eden greatly.

Then came subsequent marriages to Charles Fegert (1977-1983) and Jon Eicholtz (married since 1991). Although specifics about her current family life are private, it seems finding love has always been a theme in her life.


A Career Spanning Decades: Building a Financial Foundation

Eden started professionally in the 1950s and performed in television, film and theater. Although television acting salaries were probably modest in the early days, steady work over the decades assured her financial future.

The real turning point probably was her role in “I Dream of Jeannie” (1965-1970). In this hugely successful sitcom she became an international star with many loyal fans. The exact figures are not public but lead actors in successful sitcoms of that era could command big salaries if the show ran for several seasons. The residuals from syndication would also have provided years of income.

Beyond “Jeannie,” Eden continued to work consistently in television movies, stage productions and feature films. While some roles paid less, she still had a good life financially.

Estimating Net Worth: A Balancing Act

Remember that celebrity net worth figures are often estimates based on reported salaries, property ownership and possible investments. For Barbara Eden, estimates place her net worth at around USD 10 million.

That number probably takes into account her earnings throughout her career, including time on “I Dream of Jeannie,” other acting parts and possible endorsements. But that’s an estimate and may not reflect her full financial picture.

A Life beyond the Bottom Line

Barbara Eden has left much more than her net worth. Her talent and charm have kept audiences entertained for generations. Financial security is important, but her love of performing and delighting viewers are her greatest assets.


Barbara Eden’s background reveals artistic pursuits, personal trials and love. Her journey as an Arizona teen to Hollywood legend should inspire other aspiring performers everywhere.