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Danny Trejo’s Net Worth Biography and life history

Danny Trejo is a familiar name in the entertainment industry. He is a famous American actor and film producer. His character in numerous films is mainly portrayed as a masculine and often villainous hero. You can catch him in movies such as “Desperado.” So, who is Danny Trejo, and how much has he accumulated from his career over the years? Let’s find out!

Early Life of Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is an American born in Echo Park, Los Angeles. He was born on May 16, 1974; his parents are Dan Trejo and Alice Rivera. During his childhood, his father was accused of stabbing a man. The news forced the family to flee to San Antonio, Texas, where they hid for a year. They then returned to Los Angeles, where his father surrendered.

Danny’s family then relocated to Pacoima when he was 13 years old. Growing up, Danny Trejo was involved in different crimes. He was in and out of jail in the 1960s and was a hardened drug and crime participant by the time he was 12 years old.

Trejo was first sentenced when he was ten years old. Eventually, he took up boxing and became a champion boxer during his jail time in San Quentin. He won the lightweight and welterweight prison divisions.

While focusing on boxing in jail, Trejo joined a 12-step program that helped him overcome his addiction. He was determined to change, and by the time he got out of jail, he had enrolled at a college but had dropped out after the first semester.

Danny Trejo’s Career

Danny’s career started in 1985 after someone opened the acting doors for him. His tough appearance made it easy for Trejo to take up the role of a convict extra in the “Runaway Train” film in 1985.

Moreover, Trejo was approached by a crime screenplay writer who offered him $320 per day to train Roberts, who was to take up a boxing scene in a movie. Trejo’s determination led him to be offered a small role as a boxer. These events are what paved the way for Trejo’s acting career.

If you’ve watched Trejo’s movies or pictures, you will notice that he has facial scars, tattoos, and mustache. This tough appearance gave him an easy entry into being a highly prolific actor.

Some of his major films include “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Desperado,” “Bubble Boy,” The Replacement Killers,” etc.

Danny Trejo’s Career

Although Trejo has had a successful acting career, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2023. He owed $2 million to the IRS, and this debt hit him hard, forcing him to file bankruptcy. However, he agreed with the IRS to pay $200,000 yearly until 2028.

Nonetheless, Trejo owns a donut shop and a chain of coffee shops that earn him income. He also owns Tejo’s Tacos, which has five locations in LA. As of 2024, Trejo is working to re-bounce, and his net worth is currently $500k. More details about his net worth will be shared as new information emerges.