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Katherine Thorp Everett Net Worth: All About Chad Everett’s Daughter

Katherine Thorp is a celebrity daughter who continues enjoying the limelight, thanks to her father. Katherine’s father was a renowned actor, and his many years in the entertainment industry have made him a figure to remember for a good time.

Katherine is one of Chad Everett’s two daughters, whom he shares with his late wife, Shelby Grant. Katherine’s parents were together for over four decades until Shelby died in 2011. So, how much is Katherine Thorp’s net worth? Let’s find out more details in the following sections.

Who is Katherine Thorp Everett?

Katherine Thorp is one of the two daughters of the late actor Chad Everett. Chad Everett was an American actor who made a name for himself in the seventies. The actor began his career in the 1950s, but it was not until the early 1960s that he became famous.

Katherine and her sister Shannon were born during the 45 years when their parents were married. On many occasions, Chad Everett revealed his great love for his family. He always referred to his wife, Shelby, as the most beautiful animal he owned.

During an interview, the actor revealed that his family was the main reason for his good life and career. Despite the actor having many troubles, lacking a job, and even falling into alcoholism, his wife stood by his side and helped him get through it.

Despite Katherine’s father being a famous figure, Katherine, on the other hand, has led a quiet life away from the influence of the media. Katherine Thorp made the headlines in 2012 when she confirmed the death of her father.

Otherwise, Katherine has always preferred a life away from the public, explaining why many of her details remain a mystery.

What is Katherine Thorp Evertt’s Net Worth?

Katherine Thorp’s career remains unknown. Despite her father being in the limelight for many years, she chose a different path, which probably does not involve much limelight. Due to her privacy, it has been challenging to tell how much her net worth is.

On the other hand, her father, Chad Everett, had a net worth of $1.11 million at his death in 2012. Knowing he had only two daughters, Katherine must have bagged in some of her father’s wealth, boosting her net worth.

Katherine Thorp’s Parents

Shelby Grant and Chad Evertt were Katherine’s parents. Katherine’s parents were both in the entertainment industry, where they met before they exchanged vows. Everett made Shelby in 1966 while shooting a movie, and they exchanged vows shortly after that.

Katherine’s parents remained in marriage for forty years until 2011, when Shelby died of a brain aneurysm. During an interview before Shelby died, Chad revealed that he had three animals. While mentioning the animals, the actor named his wife as one of the animals he owned and added that she was the most beautiful animal.

Katherine Thorp’s parents had a very close relationship, which enabled them to stick together for over four decades despite many challenges. Even during Chad’s lowest moment, Katherine’s mother stood by his side until he improved.