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Scott Merritt Robertson’s Bio, Family, and Career

If you have watched Duck Dynasty, Merritt Robertson is not a new name. Scott Merritt Robertson is Silas Merritt’s son. Despite the show’s ending, many people are curious about Uncle Si’s family.

So, what is Scott Merrit Robertson up to? If you are curious about the star’s life, here are the details!

Who is Scott Merritt Robertson?

Scott Robertson is the youngest in the family of Uncle Si. Scott resembles his father in choosing a similar career to join the US Army. The celebrity son has taken significant steps in the army and has been deployed to Iraq over seven times.

While Scott served in the US Army, he made a great milestone in starting a family, making Uncle Si a proud grandfather.

Scott married Marsha Market Robertson, and they are proud parents of four children, including twin sons Logan and Connor.

Who is Scott Merritt Robertson’s Father?

Silas Merritt Robertson, famous as Uncle Si, is the father of Scott. The celebrity father was born on April 27, 1948, and grew famous after he ventured into acting. Before acting, Uncle Si served in Iraq as a US Army member.

Scott’s father was the sixth in a family of seven children. Due to the huge family, the family faced financial constraints, which forced them to live in rugged conditions. Despite the challenging life, Scott’s father joined high school and later college, where he played football.

Uncle Si joined the US Army after he dropped out of college. He served in the Vietnam War for years, and his mother played a huge role. He would receive some essentials from his mother, and he valued the essentials so much.

After he retired in 1993, he found another opportunity with Duck Commander, owned by his brother Phil. The role gave Uncle Si a big exposure, leading to his nickname.

Scott Robertson’s Personal Life

While Scott followed in his father’s footsteps in serving in the US Army, he came into the limelight thanks to his father. He is known to have four children with his wife Marsha, but otherwise, many details remain a mystery.

Scott Robertson maintains a close bond with his parents and is often seen having a good time with his father and children.

While it is Scott’s father who has appeared on Duck Dynasty, many fans wonder how Uncle Si has never appeared alongside his wife.

To clear the fans’ doubts, Uncle Si confirmed during an interview that he had been married to his wife, Christine Robertson, for over four decades. The television personality confirmed that he walked down the aisle and exchanged vows with Christine in 1971 after asking for her hand in marriage about 70 times.

Scott’s father continues to impact the entertainment industry through his roles. Besides acting, he has done voice acting, lending his voice to Veggie Tales, among other films.

Away from acting, Scott’s father is a dedicated father and husband. He has been devoted to his family and stuck together in fighting everyday challenges.