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Raenee Robinson: Daughter of Musical Icon, Ray Charles

Raenee Robinson is known for being one of the children of Ray Charles. This article will delve into her background and other information about her.


Raenee Robinson was born in 1961 to Ray Charles and Mae Mosley Lyles. She has 11 siblings; 6 brothers and 5 sisters. Details about her childhood and education are not publicly available.


Information about her career is unavailable to the public.

Personal Life

Raenee lives a private life. Hence, details about her private life are not on the internet. However, we do know that she lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Kelvin, who is a professional photographer.


Her Father, Ray Charles

Ray Charles Robinson, mostly referred to as “Ray Charles”, was an American musician of transcendent influence. Charles was more than a singer or pianist – many called him “The Genius.” He was a pioneer of soul music combining blues, gospel RnB and even country influences into a sound that would last decades.

Charles was born in Albany, in 1930, Georgia, and had some initial difficulties. He lost his vision too early, probably because of glaucoma, and by the age of 7 he was already blind. Despite this setback, Charles found solace with music. He studied piano, organ and other instruments at the Florida School for Deaf and Blind in St Augustine. Braille was his new way of reading the music – and he was determined to succeed.

Charles began his professional career in the 1940s with various RnB bands in the South. By the 1950s he had signed with Atlantic Records. This was the era of soul music – Charles’ raspy vocals, his piano playing gospel and blues-influenced audiences. Hits like I Got a Woman and Hallelujah I Love Her Him established his status as a rising star.

Further success came in the 1960s. Charles was always the innovator and began to incorporate country elements into his sound. Racial barriers were broken in the music industry with his “Modern Sounds of Country and Western Music” album series. In this era he also recorded his signature song Georgia on My Mind. Charles was more than a chart star: he was a life coach. He was a cultural force who set boundaries for future generations of musicians.

Charles won 13 Grammy Awards in his career. His influence was not just in music: he had an anthropology degree. He appeared in films and television programs. It is tough to figure out what his net worth was when he died in 2004, although estimates run into millions of dollars.

Charles’ own life had been one of struggle and triumph. He had heroin addiction for years, but overcame it. He was twice married with 12 children. Despite these difficulties Charles was always a great performer with a great energy and passion for music.

Ray Charles is a symbol of creativity, determination and the transcendence of music. He was a true’ Genius’ – a title he carried with humility and talent.