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Kim Fields’ Net Worth, Biography, and Career

Kim Fields is an American actress, TV director, TV producer, and singer. She hails from New York City and her fame is mainly attributed to NBC sitcom “Tootie.” Kim Fields has been involved in several films and roles over the years and, through her career, she has earned a net worth of $6 million. Today’s post is all about Kim Fields. We will talk about her biography, career, and net worth. Through it, you will understand how her career has shaped over the years and given her room to create her wealth.

Who Is Kim Fields?

Kim Fields is a New York City born actress. She was born in May 12, 1969. Her mother is Chip Fields-Hurd and she was an actress and a director. Kim was raised alongside his sister, Alexis, who also became an actress.

Kim began acting an a young age by appearing in different TV commercials and various episodes of the “Good Times” show. Kim Fields got married to Jonathan Franklin, a film producer. The couple remained together until 2001. Afterward, Kim Fields began dating Christopher Morgan, a Broadway actor. Christopher and Kim welcomed a son in 2007 and they announced it in “People” magazine.

Christopher and Kim then held a private marriage ceremony in July 2007. The couple announced welcoming another child in 2013, during “The Real” talk show. Kim and her husband are still married and taking care of their children.


Kim Fields’ Career Development

Fields’ is an actor, TV director, TV producer, and singer. She was popular for her role of Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey. Kim remained in the show from 1979 to 1988. Notably, when Kim began the show, she was short and the producers had to device creative ways to accommodate her height.

For instance, Kim in some early episodes had to be on roller skates for the camera angles to capture her properly. Luckily, Kim grew taller and her height accommodated the roles she was getting. In her role on  “The Facts of Life,” Kim got many fans and her catchphrase “We’re in troouu-ble” was a thriller to many.

Through her role on “The Facts of Life,” Kim became interested in music and ended up releasing two singles under the Critique Records label. Her first release became a minor club hit and her second release ranked 50th on the R&B charts.

Kim then took an acting break to focus on her college studies. She then returned in 1993, In that year, Kim got another role in Fox’s sitcom, “Living Single.” However, the show was canceled in 1998. As a director, Kim has directed a few Nickelodeon episodes on the “Kenan & Kei” show. She also directed “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.”

Kim Fields’ Net Worth

Kim started acting at a young age and this early entry has given her an advantage to grow her career and earn more. Her career has given her admirable income and through it, she had earned a net worth of  $6 million. Kim also has other unmentioned ventures earning her more wealth.